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SSJ4 Furanki
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SSJ4 Furanki's GTS Pokémon (Real & Custom Events)

I've made a few custom and solved the whole you need the 3 shiny dogs problem and Celebi to get Zoroa and Zoroark in Black and White. They're exactly the same as the Japanese events except the name is in English and I've also added Ash's Pikachu.

Actually, I'm going to put up 6 events events at once.

To get the Pokémon downloaded, you must put in: in the DNS Sever on your DS's Wi-Fi setup. You must also click no to automatic DNS search or whatever it's called.

You'll get (not in exact order):
1. Celebi Lv. 50 (The Japanese Event; but in English.)
2. Raikou Lv. 30 (The Japanese Event; but in English.)
3. Entei Lv. 30 (The Japanese Event; but in English.)
4. Suicune Lv. 30 (The Japanese Event; but in English.)
5. Pikachu Lv. 50 (The Japanese Event; but in English, it's even got the correct date despite not happening yet for a few more days.)
6. Arceus Lv. 100 (Literally a re-creation of a previous US event).

To get all six you just gotta enter and exit the GTS after you get each one. For example after you receive the 1st Pokémon, when you come back in the GTS you should get the 2nd Pokémon.

I'll add my custom events in later.
I may also create an Ash's Charizard Event. I'm come on, Ash's Charizard is badass.

Which will give you custom events of Shiny Pokémon that belong to Death Note characters. So, there's all tie in with each other.

Light's Poochyena Lv. 5
L's Honchkrow Lv. 50
Misa's Mismagius Lv. 38

This set will give you custom made versions of Ash's other Pokémon such as Charizard.

Actually, it looks like I can only use 1 sever at a time... So, for now whatever set of Pokémon a person wants I'll put up.

I'll also take requests to make events, so if you want a specific Pokémon, I could create for you.


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