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[pokered] Trainer and Mon Palettes

I hope this is a really simple question but I wanted to ask about it before I go ahead with making a ton of changes to my project.

So usually FF is the highest we can go when it comes to the amount of data in a particular file, or so I've seen. Considering Gen 2 graphics are in play along with trainers/monsters, when the amount of palettes hit FF, will this become a problem? Constants looks to have it broken up into two separate categories. If trainers and monsters are separate from each other, then in theory we would have a ton more room for more palettes. My plan is to import most if not all Johto Pokemon to my PokeRed project but before I start that huge project, I want to make sure I won't run out of usable palettes. And also, if I run into an issue with space for graphics, would I be able to create a new and defined bank on my own to add more images?


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