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#1 2020-05-11 17:38:22

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bulbasaur's pic (RBY) never shows up right after inserted

I'm trying to insert Green's Bulbasaur sprite into Blue.

I'm not using pokered disassembly because of a reason that's long to explain. I usually DO use pokered as it is handy (used it to swap the trainer and pokemon's coordinates in the intro!).

What am I doing wrong?

Bulbasaur's data is converted to 2bpp successfully and compressed to a .pic (it's also 7*7, as it starts with 77 and I edit size accordingly in the part of the stat data offsets).
I open the .pic and the ROM with HxD

I paste .pic's data at 37E88 (blank space, still bank D)

Repointed becomes 7E88 because it's in a different range (used the tutorial from datacrystal)

which means that I must write 887E instead of 0040 in the stat offsets. I do

However it loads glitchy!

What do I do?


#2 2020-05-11 18:26:40

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Re: bulbasaur's pic (RBY) never shows up right after inserted

Serious answer? Use pokered. If you want to modify the English Red or Blue ROMs, that's the intended solution to your problem. I've seen a couple projects which had to do binary hacking because they were using different languages, or because they had done a lot of work already years before pokered existed, but otherwise you should be using the disassemblies. If you just have some small sprite or script changes, it's worth taking the time to port them from your binary hack to asm.


#3 2020-05-11 18:49:00

Danny-E 33
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Re: bulbasaur's pic (RBY) never shows up right after inserted

I agree with Rangi. There are very few reasons not to use pokered for Red/Blue.

As far as why it isn't working..
Based on your explanation of the steps you took, it should work. There is likely a small mistake hiding somewhere.
You can use a debugger like bgb to step through the routine that reads the pointer from the base stats, to validate it reads from the correct location.


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