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Pokemon Red/Blue Changing Party Menu Sprites

It would be a neat thing to do if I could do more graphic improvements.

If I do graphic improvements via hex editing it will most likely result in errors and it gets progressively harder to do more changes.

For example I want to change the Bulbasaur menu sprite to the Bulbasaur menu sprite from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal.

I need to know how to do this via disassembly.

There are two assembly files in the pokered disassembly called mon_party_sprites.asm

    dn SPRITE_GRASS, SPRITE_GRASS           ;Bulbasaur/Ivysaur
    dn SPRITE_GRASS, SPRITE_MON             ;Venusaur/Charmander
    dn SPRITE_MON, SPRITE_MON               ;Charmeleon/Charizard
    dn SPRITE_WATER, SPRITE_WATER           ;Squirtle/Wartortle
    dn SPRITE_WATER, SPRITE_BUG             ;Blastoise/Caterpie
    dn SPRITE_BUG, SPRITE_BUG               ;Metapod/Butterfree
    dn SPRITE_BUG, SPRITE_BUG               ;Weedle/Kakuna
    dn SPRITE_BUG, SPRITE_BIRD_M            ;Beedrill/Pidgey
    dn SPRITE_BIRD_M, SPRITE_BIRD_M         ;Pidgeotto/Pidgeot
    xor a
    ld [wCurrentMenuItem], a
    ld b, a
    inc a
    jr GetAnimationSpeed

; wPartyMenuHPBarColors contains the party mon's health bar colors
; 0: green
; 1: yellow
; 2: red
    ld hl, wPartyMenuHPBarColors
    ld a, [wCurrentMenuItem]
    ld c, a
    ld b, 0
    add hl, bc
    ld a, [hl]

    ld c, a
    ld hl, PartyMonSpeeds
    add hl, bc
    ld a, [wOnSGB]
    xor $1
    add [hl]
    ld c, a
    add a
    ld b, a
    ld a, [wAnimCounter]
    and a
    jr z, .resetSprites
    cp c
    jr z, .animateSprite


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