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Update stats after DVs manipulation?

Hi. I had the idea of add the legit GF Mew. Also if I can obtain something good creating a new asm routine copying the Shuckle Cianwood routine, I added also a string to set the DVs instead of the held item.

And if I save trough Pokésav tell me that have the right DVs, but aren't updated viewing the stats in the info menu. Only if I store it in the Bill's PC and turn back in the party.

Can I add ad assembly string to update immediately the stats without pass trough the PC?

The routine I copied is this: … huckle.asm

I replaced the "holding a berry" part with a part that add two FF bytes for the DVs copying the OT ID part and instead of "Engine flag for this event" i wrote a ret and after the ret the ".notgiven" sub-routine.

The italian Pokémon Green creator.


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