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ROM bank contents viewer GUI

I'm working on this myself because I don't want to pester anyone to do it. But if anyone wants to share their ideas on the logistics of this or make their own, I will be really grateful too! :)

Now; why I want this. Arguments:

1. It would take many pages to print the Pokémon Red disassembly, if Internet was to die or it was taken down.
2. Reverse engineering is better legal appeal than piracy, like the cheat devices before it (i.e. GameShark/Xploder cheat search trainer tools etc.) and historical Tengen case.
3. Time saving/cognitive ease for ACE discovery - take you want to extrapolate a pointer table, converting ASM to bytes is longer.

Theory: … ory_editor

- This tool can read ROM and RAM, but doesn't support banks.

Solution ideas>1. Implement joypad with conditional check; when a certain button is pressed, reload the menu with contents of new ROM bank.
2. Before boot up, have game ask for ROM bank to view
3. Ditch the memory editor and use a "which address? prompt". Instead of an all in one program, a specific tool can be simpler.

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