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Give Sky Attack 'FLY' effect


I"m toying around a bit with the Pokecrystal disassembly and I'm trying to give Sky Attack the 'FLY' effect so it doesn't suck so much. It's an attack that is sort of signature for Moltres and I was always disappointed that not only did you have to wait a turn, but you took damage while doing so, for not that great a move.

As such, I was trying to make it a 'better' version of fly (albeit where you can't fly to different cities, at least not for now). In the disassembly, it seemed like it would be enough to change the line in data/moves/moves.asm from:
move SKY_ATTACK,   EFFECT_SKY_ATTACK,        140, FLYING,    90,  5,   0
move SKY_ATTACK,   EFFECT_FLY,               140, FLYING,   90,  5,   0

But it didn't work (at least not with Hoothoots, who I gave Sky Attack instead of growl to test this).

What else needs to be done? Do I need to change something in the data/moves/effects.asm or elsewhere?



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