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Character Palettes in Intro (pokered)

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if its possible to have each character in the intro have its own palette instead of using mewmon. I've been looking around data\sgb_packets.asm and engine\palettes.asm hoping something pops out at me, but I'm not too sure. Is it hard coded? I know it has something to do with PalPacket_Generic, but can I modify that without messing something else up? On the same subject, could you change the trainer card to appear red, or would the badge palettes prevent that?


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Re: Character Palettes in Intro (pokered)

I know it's possible to manually change the palettes in palettes.asm. I do it to palette-swap shiny pokemon on the super gameboy during battle and on the status screen.

The PalPacket is split into chunks. For example, in SetPal_Battle: the palette packet is composed of four chunks.
-Palette for the player's HP bar at wPalPacket + 1
-Palette for the enemy's HP bar at wPalPacket + 3
-Palette for the player's side of the screen at wPalPacket + 5
-Palette for the enemy's side of the screen at wPalPacket + 7

This section of code in palettes.asm defaults everything to to the mewmon palette (value of $10)
ld hl, PalPacket_Empty
ld de, wPalPacket
ld bc, $10
call CopyData

I think this also sets the trainer palettes when it's run when no pokemon are sent out. So you cound try intercepting the value written to wPalPacket + 5 after the "call CopyData" line.


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