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Pokémon Playable Blue

Fun fact: This cover can actually be used as a custom image for a game shortcut in Steam Grid View or Big Picture Mode so you can enhance your gaming experience.

Pokémon Playable Blue

I remember being a bit disappointed when I played Pokémon Blue for the first time, as I had already played
Pokemon Red and knew that the protagonist has the same name as the game, I was hoping that in the Blue Version I could change roles with my rival,
but in the end it was just the same protagonist with a different name.
So I decided to create this hack wich the goal is pretty simple, keep the original game experience while introducing your rival as a playable character,
Yes, now you can actually play as Blue in Pokémon Blue!


•New title screen featuring a modified sprite of BLUE holding a Poké Ball.
•Oak's Speech was changed.
•The Player now has BLUE's original sprites and new ones for battling, fishing and cycling.
•The Player's House and the Rival's House were swapped.
•RED's Mom and BLUE's Sister (Daisy) were also swapped.
•Your Rival is now RED and he never talks.
•RED has 3 different battle sprites, the last one being based off on CHAMPION BLUE's sprite at the final rival battle.




alt (Me)

Madame Frog (Made one of the RED's battle sprite)

brfa98 (Made the Pokémon Blue Logo in the cover)

Pokémon Disassembly (Thanks for making this possible!)


To install this hack you must open the downloaded .ips file with Lunar IPS and apply the patch in your rom.

Pokémon Playable Blue.ips

So this was my first hack rom, I hope you guys enjoy it, if you find something wrong in your gameplay please let me know.
The next hack I plan to do is "Pokémon Playable Yellow" where you will be able to play as Yellow from the
Pokémon Adventures Manga in Pokémon Yellow.

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Re: Pokémon Playable Blue

This is pretty awesome! I always imagined what would happen if you played as a rival instead of the main chosen characters.


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Re: Pokémon Playable Blue

The link is broken, you can download it here instead.


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