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Accommodating The Platforms

So, one issue I have personally, is that many hacks, don't have an IPS to them. Now don't get me wrong, by now, almost everyone should have or have access to a computer. However, some of us, such as myself, just aren't that fortunate.

That said, could we get a thread started for all the github disassembly dumped ONLY hacks to be made into IPS or ROM. There are quite a few I have come across that either have never been made into an IPS or are unable to be found as a ROM, which kind of blows for someone such as myself, whom only owns an Amazon Fire HD tablet at the moment.

I also have a few githubs I need someone to look at, cause I would like to get these hacks compiled into an actual rom or IPS, but legitimately cannot on my tablet, and no, I don't have access to any computers in my area. Literally the nearest public computer is outside of town where the job center is, and I'm pretty sure they won't want someone getting on there just to mess with github.

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