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So, I saw on another website that Sanqui was a moderator of, a whole bunch of people were making, what I am assuming to be small byte changed assembly hacks, such as:

—EXPless Red
—Spinner Hell Crystal
—Acid Trip

...and many others.

But with that said, there were also hacks which, while may seem very simple and generic to the common gamer, were quite fascinating for someone such as myself. Time and time again, googling and searching forums aggressively, I have come across what would seem like mediocre hacks, were quite amazing in concept, hacks such as:

—Pokemon Crystal - Random Battle Tower (a hack where you start in the battle tower and it is random trainers/teams every time)
—Pokemon Gold/Silver - AI Controlled Player/Battles (a hack where the game's built-in AI controlled your actions)

Which all leads up to this... does anyone have or can make me these kind of hacks? I've seen people rapidly pump out small coding/dissasembly hacks doing things like this, but never could acquire the files in time.

So, am I allowed to make a mini-hacks thread or something along those lines, cause I have been scouring the web collecting hacks and patches to all kinds of things, which frankly, I thought was impossible to even do.

Moreso, I have one MAJOR hack request, as I have tried to recreate this with just gameshark code abuse... to play Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal as an Egglocke. I am 100% sure it is possible, in terms of filling up all but 1 box with eggs of random Pokemon, but attempting to do so with just gameshark codes, seems to generate a BUNCH of errors.

In fact, I've been working on this for over a year now and haven't been able to bypass these errors. I've gotten as far as being able to create eggs with specific Pokemon and movesets using just gameshark codes, but as soon as I place them in the box, the game freezes and I have to restart from the last save.

However, I have managed to "sharkcode" (yes, that is a term I made up), a few interesting battles, map edits, audio edits, and outcomes in these games, as well as the original Red, Blue, and Yellow.

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Re: Request-A-Hack?

If you want to try a little hack, try with Pokémon Knife, is a version where pressing Select you can use a knife and kill the NPC that you touch, that disappear from the map. XD

The italian Pokémon Green creator.


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