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Pokemon Gold Beta version

Hi guys i made a pokemon gold hack with beta pokemons hope you guys like ;) … Ld5W_GcdkU


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Re: Pokemon Gold Beta version

I'm trying it out; am right now at Ecruteak City and I can say it's been good so far.
Even though the experience you get it is really close to vanilla Gold since it's not a complete overhaul, the small changes those beta Pokemon give are really enjoyable, such as the Rinring evolution line and the discarded designs for a bunch of mons.

But I also have noticed a few issues:

· Madam, which I think it's the Farfetch'd discarded evolution, mostly has Sudowoodo's learnset bar Hi Jump Kick and a few more moves, it can't learn Fly either. The menu icon displays Sudowoodo's, as well.
· Some Pokemon's Special Defense stat is really high. I don't know if that's intentional or not; and at some times it's even helpful. But it's still odd that a bunch of mons have such high values in one single stat.
· Not an issue of the rom itself, but you should link an .ips patch for the rom, and tell us which game should we apply said patch on. You can do that with programs such as Lunar IPS.

Overall, it's a fun hack but it feels like it could be greater. Then again, you've made some effort with discarded Pokemon of which we don't have any official game data on, for obvious reasons. I don't know if you'll keep working on this hack, but if you are, I'll be looking forward to any update.

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