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[Pokémon Stadium] Transfer Pak help.

I’ve been trying to see if my Green Version worked on Stadium 1 and 2, but I can’t get the emulator to work it out properly. I know how to get the Transfer Pak set up, with the RawData as well, but when I try to use it, it says: “Can’t open GB/C file!” Is there a way around this? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t recognize it, due to it not being a Pokémon game meant to be read by the Stadium games.

I’m using Project64 2.3.2 by the way. Thanks!

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Re: [Pokémon Stadium] Transfer Pak help.

I don't know anything about emulating Stadium, but I have Stadium 2 for the console with game packs and Pokemon Green. I can confirm that Green doesn't work with Stadium 2 as a hard copy. Stadium 2 will run, but it will tell you the game that's inserted into the game pack is incompatible.


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