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Pokémon Stadium 1 CPU AI list

I'm trying to make a list of CPU AIs for the English Pokémon stadium 1.
I'm listing the ones so far based on testing them in battle.
I am using Stadium Editor, and noting from the AI list.
So far...

Most AIs LOVE using psychic. No, they use it even if it doesn’t get special drops, if enemy is psychic typed, if you have stronger move, or even if enemy psychic used amnesia.)
Unless specified otherwise, most advanced AI will usually never use Sleep moves.
(Unless they have no choice, other moves are way too weak, or if using dream eater. Or if they are speedy, but that’s rare unless using Sleep AI.  So far, I have not found any guaranteed Main AI that uses sleep moves.)

Guaranteed 1st slot Pokémon
(useful for one lv 55, and other choices)
Main Ace Pokémon AI
0xd (Hiker uses Rhyhorn)
0x26 (cool M switches to Mew)
(Note: lots of switching, rarely leads, no wrap?)
0x36 (birdboy use legendary bird)
0x37 (old man uses Dragonite)
0x40 Brock uses onix
0x41 misty uses starmie
0x42 Koga uses Venomoth, (may very rarely use sleep move, but prioritizes psychic))
0x44 Giovanni uses Persian (prioritizes power and boosting over status)
0x12 (possibly smartest signature AI, R2 rival picks a main (starters or eeveelution), and powerful counters.
Gimmick AI
0x20 OHKO Ai
(paralyzes, speed drops, speed ups, switches, and horn drills) (Uses sleep moves, but likes paralysis)
0x25 use first move once first turn (e.g.: Focus Energy)
0x22 same as above, but likes non-damage moves
0x21 Mostly Random picks, but uses sleep, wrap, stat buffs/nerfs, coverage, and recover.
0x10 Prioritizes Non-attack moves, then attack moves with secondary effects.
(+6 double team/swords dance, recover full health, sleep, paralysis even body slamming rock/grounds, even freeze moves)
0xf (uses most powerful move, like explosion. Ignores non-attack moves and secondary effects)
(No status moves or fishing with psychic)
Other "advanced ai" (they love to use psychic, hates using sleep moves)
0x7 Less random team, likes power and status (LANCE AI)
0x8 Hard random team (RENTAL RIVAL AI, COOL MALE AI)
0x1a less switching unless necessary
0x24 (switches, no wrap)
0x46 not too much switching, will resort to no damage moves if they cannot do damage
Sleep move using Ai
In general: they obey sleep clause, no mains
0x49 (always status. Always. Likes switching)
0x48 (likes Psychic, switching, especially preserving
, and sleep moves)
0x1c (switching and sleep moves, no wrap, random pick)
0x20 (will use sleep, but likes powerful attacks, switching,
Boosting, OHKO starts, and prefers paralysis)
0x21 normal difficulty matchups, but uses everything, and
Uses them smart, unlike AI 0x10. Rare sleep and wrap usage.
0x10 uses sleep, and usually nondamage moves, even if foe is at 1hp.
Send weaker non first, then Strong (eg Pika cup R2 LASS, FISHERMAN)

0x23 I'm unsure about.
I thought it only used 1st slot or 4th slot,
And it usually does...
Or it always includes one of the two highest lv Pokémon.
But one instance it decided not to use the lv 30,
Or use different slots.
Is there an AI that will always choose either
One of two or three lv 30s, 55s, or 20s?
Which part of a disassembly can I look to see
The effects?

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