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[Pokéred] Custom SGB Border

I have been on this forum a lot lately in hopes of getting help to fix my ROM hack, but there’s only one more problem with it so far, the SGB Border. I have no knowledge on how to get it edited. All I know is that the .png is arranged by 8x8 tiles, the .asm file adds in the palette to the .png file, and the .map file rearranges the .png file into the border itself. I’m pretty sure I can handle the .png alone, I’ll ask about the .asm file later, but the .map file is what I’m here about. I know your supposed to edit the file in hex (from my knowledge), but I don’t know anythingwhen it comes to hex-editing. Can someone help me on how to rearrange the hex into my own thing? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: [Pokéred] Custom SGB Border

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