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Thext- Hex editor text editng helper

I've seen that many people don't use Pokétext because it glitches, so they stuck to hex editing.
To help them I couldn't make a Pokétext glitchless extreme version, but i've made a program called thext.

Thest is a program that converts a text input to hex data.


Download soucre code:

Download. only exe: … t_demo.exe

I hope this will make your work faster.


When I tried out the program in real hacking, I found, that I lost in the codes very fast, and couldn't copy and paste it. So I've made the raw code seeable trought and added support for pasting it into gold finger and translhextion. Hop this will make your work even more faster!


The raw hexcode mode edited to make you less likely to get lost in the code


Gold finger insert (tried, works)


Translhextion paste (it can ctrl+v-ed into translhextion, tried, works)

Download soucre code: …
Download only exe: … 282%29.exe

EDIT 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
When adding text I found out that Thext sucks, so I went deeper until I found out how it could be better.Added about 20 new characters and support for line endings. Also added a Manual to the program and the correct Table file to the folder for wieving.

Download source code: …
Download only essentials: …

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