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#1 2017-10-11 02:12:09

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[pokecrystal] Make the player sprite walk in place when not moving

I would like the player sprite to walk in place when they're not moving, the way SPRITEMOVEDATA_POKEMON does.

engine/player_object.asm:SpawnPlayer initializes the player to use SPRITEMOVEDATA_PLAYER. That corresponds to this entry in the data/map_objects.asm sprite_movement_data table:

; function,                                  facing, action,              flags1, flags2, palette flags
sprite_movement_data SPRITEMOVEFN_OBEY_DPAD, DOWN,   PERSON_ACTION_STAND, $02,    $00,    %0000 ; 0b

I tried replacing PERSON_ACTION_STAND with PERSON_ACTION_BOUNCE, but this had no apparent effect. I also checked engine/map_objects.asm:MapObjectMovementPattern.Pointers for anything related to SPRITEMOVEFN_OBEY_DPAD that would need to change, but I don't see anything that would. (Replacing movement_step_sleep with other movements causes them to happen once when you first press Up/Down/Left/Right; it does not affect what the sprite does without input.)

Any pointers, please?

(Long-term goal is to only have the bouncing occur on maps that use TILESET_UNDERWATER, but I can probably handle this myself once the core behavior works at all.)

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