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Pokemon Crystal Move Animation Viewer

Here is a small program to view move animations … m.exe?dl=0
You need to load a Pokemon Crystal(US) rom when it opens.
The controls are enter to load an animation number (0-277) anything higher will load a custom animation as explained below
Space will let you load a custom animation. This needs to be a raw binary file (like if you were to copy and paste an animation directly from the rom).
Custom animations *Should* automatically terminate with a 0xFF even if it isnt in the file (unless you use a jump command past the end of the file).
The rest of the program is just an emulator that auto-loads a save-state, and plays it.
The A and B keys are mapped to Z and X.
Tab is fast forward.
Let me know if you find any bugs

There is a bug where the first time you press Enter to load an animation, it does nothing. after that it should work any time you press enter.
Another note, is that the animation will typically play twice for the player, and twice for the enemy. Some animations do not mirror.
One last thing, the custom animation get's loaded in at 0x7E33 in memory, so if you are looking to loop or jump anything, that's the base address

Edit: version 2, tab toggles double GBC speed mode

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