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Pokémon Hack Takedowns and DCMA

So my mediafire Crystal Kaizo link has been taken down by a U.K. Company, and when I tried setting another ips link last night, it got blocked. I don't even know why; it is an ips link to a hard mode mod, not a rom file link or even a link to a Pokémon hack with a quality or build of a brand new Pokémon game like Prism or Uranium. What's going on?

And it's ONLY Crystal Kaizo that was taken down. Didn't help that there was that photobucket fiasco going on. Blue Kaizo is still up, as are my lesser hacks on mediafire. I still got Crystal Kaizo, hopefully. I'm aware that this happened to Coolboyman's Pokémon Prism by Nintendo themselves, but has this happened to anyone else?

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Re: Pokémon Hack Takedowns and DCMA

Uploading licensed software always have some risks, this happened to me once on my old mediafire account ...

To avoid this, I recommend you download file splitter and splits your intended to upload file, once done, zip everything with some compact software and upload with some hard detectable name, for example: Pokémon Crystal Kaizo to PkmnCK or something like this. Remember: you will have to have the same split software to join the file.

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