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Informative Document.

Hi. This days when I was playing some Pokémon Hacks (I'm playing the MontBlanc Red/Green restoration) I noticed that I missed too much things about moves from Generation 1, since the last years I have only played Generation 3, I searched for some app for Android or document with all information about, but everything I found was Bulbapedia and Pokémondb online information, and it was excellent, but, and what can I do if I'm playing far away from any Wi-Fi signal? So I decided to use what I learned about Microsoft Word and in a few days I created a list that I'd love to have found somewhere on the internet, if it exists. I'd like to share it, if anyone, like me, would like to get information exclusively about moves in generation 1.

Updated …

Outdated …

It is in .docx and .pdf format. Anyone with WPS on Android/iOS can read this.

The list contain information about:

-All 165 moves introduced in Generation 1; its Move Name, Attack Power, PP, Accuracy and a short text for Effect. Bugs and issues of some of them.
-TM/HM, name, location and price (if purchasable).
-Moves that can be learned by leveling up, with version differences (RGB&Y).

The list is not finished, I would like to add Learnset for each Pokémon, I should also change something like typos, since english is not my native language, I suppose I have written a lot of typos.

If you want to help me with tips, I will be glad.
Feel free to edit, upgrade and share if you want to do it.

I'm not a Romhacker, but I hope this list can help hackers and non-hackers to have a better experience while playing.

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