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8x8 Tile Editing?

I want to edit the 8x8 tiles that make up the map graphics, but there doesn't seem to be a tool of any sort for doing this.

I tried looking for the graphics in TLP but they're probably compressed so that's no good.


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Re: 8x8 Tile Editing?

Convert the tileset graphics to PNG with "python png gfx/tilesets/01.bpp.lz". Then edit the PNG in or some other graphics editor. When you "make" the ROM again, it'll automatically compile the PNG back into 2bpp.lz since the file modified date is newer. To use the tiles, edit tilesets/01_metatiles.bin in a hex editor. It's just a bunch of tile IDs, with 16 of them making up a block/metatile.


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