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Using bgb's debugger?

Hi there,I recently bought a computer and started reading about assembly.I want to try things not only about Pokémon,but also other GBC games.Except I have trouble with bgb's debugger: I can't let it show me  what is going on in real time,unless I break point single instructions.Any explaination about how to use it?


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Re: Using bgb's debugger?

Even if you could have the program counter update in real time, it would go so fast you would never notice what's going on anyway. Up to hundred thousands of instructions may be executed every second. What you can, however, is use the trace option or F7 to advance the game instruction by instruction. This is helpful to track down specific blocks or code, and then you can also set other breakpoints nearby to skip elsewhere. Just keep toying with it, you'll figure the tricks eventually.


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