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[Pokemon Red] - How to add extra in-game trades ?

Hello there, I am curious how to program an in-game trades in the Gen-I Pokémon Red game. 

I mainly want to do two things :

1. Make a Tree, Rock, or Statue ask for a pokemon trade when you talk to it.

2. Make a moving NPC ask for a trade that normally would not.

Thanks in advance, also looking forward to learning how to edit and change the dialogue in-game.


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Re: [Pokemon Red] - How to add extra in-game trades ?

I'm going to assume you're using the Pokered disassembly for this (if not, you really should be).

Anyway, to add a new in-game trade, first you'll need to add it to the list of in-game trades, which can be found here.
Trade 2 (which is the third one down, Beedrill for Butterfree trade, because the first entry is 0 not 1) is actually unused, so you can start by replacing that one. In Red++ for example, I edited that unused trade to let them trade you a Togepi if you give them a Pikachu. The others are all used already, though, so you could just add more on to the end if you didn't want to replace the originals. Just format the entries the same was as the comment at the top of the file tells you.

Then, look in the Scripts folder and find the map with the event you want to make into a trader. Edit their text to look something like this:

ld a, $2 ; Give Togepi for Pikachu
ld [wWhichTrade], a
predef DoInGameTradeDialogue
jp TextScriptEnd

Just use the number that matches the appropriate entry in that trade table. And that's all there is to it, really.

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Re: [Pokemon Red] - How to add extra in-game trades ?


Oh hey friend, long time no chat  ^_^"

Trying to get back into hacking pokemon red (GEN I stuff) and looking up how people do the GitHub stuff. 

Is there anywhere I can look up the commands or a tutorial to do this ?

Also, thanks for the help. 

I will look into this data file and let you know how it goes !


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