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Luna Roja

This is a hack of Pokemon Red.

However, this is not like most hacks. Most hacks are made by editing the ROM. This hack is made by instead editing the emulator.

This allows for a lot more freedom and control over your code. This has allowed me to put in:

* Full screen overworld
* Online multiplayer (doesn't work on Windows, kinda laggy, and no battling other players yet)
* Cheats (walk thru walls, perma-repel, bike inside houses, etc)
* Tile editor
* Bag editor
* Ingame console to run arbitrary code at runtime
* Multiple translations in the same game, displaying at the same time
* Written in Lua to allow for easy collaboration

I have a lot more plans for the future, namely, a collaborative map editor and online battling.

The eventual goal for this is to turn Pokemon Red into a full-blown online sandbox game, kinda like Garry's Mod but more powerful. The idea is you get a bunch of people and connect to a server and essentially create your hacks together, instead of people all kinda working on their own hacks separately.

Anyway, this is a huge WIP, and it is nowhere near completion, but I think it is at a state where people will find use of it.


Tile editor and multiplayer

Bag editor and cheats


Source code
Nintendo 3DS
Windows (note: online multiplayer doesn't work on Windows yet)

For Linux you must compile from the source code. Sorry D:


You must provide your own symfile and rom. You get the symfile by compiling the pokered disassembly. Put both of these files in the "rom" directory. But I'll save you some work and just give you mine: pokered.sym, however I recommend getting familiar with compiling the symfile yourself, because I'm not sure of the legality of it.


1. Download Löve2D
2. Drag the LunaRoja folder from the ZIP from the downloads above onto the love executable.


Copy the "luared" folder from the zip into the /3ds folder on your SD card, then launch through Homebrew launcher.

Controls on desktop

They are the same as the Citra emulator defaults. If you want to change them, edit the first 20 or so lines of lua/plat/love/button.lua

IRC chat

#luared on freenode

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Re: Luna Roja

So this is being worked on! I saw this on GBAtemp a while ago but it got removed, glad its returning


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