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[pokered] Questions re: expanding Super Gameboy pallets

Like many people, my hack has more Pokemon than originally came in Red, that's nothing special. One thing I really wanted to do was give each Pokemon in my hack the same SGB pallet as they had in Gold/Silver. That's also nothing too special. I originally had based my hack on PokeredGenII, which already did this to a large extent--however, it appears like the pallet index contains ALL the pallets in the whole game...meaning I do not have the full range of $00-FF for my Pokemon pallets, since things like the SGB border, the trainers, the overworld, and slot machines are all contained in the same batch. As a result, adding new Pokemon, I do not have enough remaining slots in the pallet to add a unique pallet for every Pokemon.

I normally would have looked at the code for how Gold and Silver do it, and I assume it's just something like splitting off the pallets in to separate batches/banks? (sorry, I don't know the correct technical term for how SGB does things) for things like Pokemon separate from things like the overworld. Thing is, Pokemon Crystal obviously does not have SGB support, so I don't exactly have that code reference. I was just wondering if anyone could maybe just help shed a little bit more light as to how the SGB works in regards to Pokemon Red, and perhaps how I could go about tackling this without having Gold and Silver's code to reference? I really do not have much experience with how the SGB operates, outside of pallets themselves. Thanks all!


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