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New at this and ASM. A few tiny edits I hope to make

Hoping to make some relatively vanilla hacks sometime soon, and currently gathering material and making notes.

Been looking through the disassemblies on git this morning, and I think I can figure out wild location editing, text editing, move sets, and trainer battles well enough eventually. But there's a few things still I want to try to do...

Yellow: enable Surfing minigame even if you lack Surfing Pikachu as in 3DS VC, would also like to add this Gym Leader Name patch <>

Blue: ultimately would like to try a North American rendition of the JP Blue but doubtful, so again that Gym Leader name patch above comes into play. Stereo options from Yellow if possible

Crystal: Essentially, I like Armada's "Crystal Restored" <>, but would also hope to include the HGSS GB tunes from Crystal Complete (i.e., Cinnabar, Mart, etc.)

Any help, insight, documentation, greatly appreciated.


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Danny-E 33
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Re: New at this and ASM. A few tiny edits I hope to make

In Yellow, bit 6 of wd472 is set to true when the player has a surfing Pikachu in the party.
At the beginning of SurfinDudeText: in scripts/beach_house.asm you can remove the test of that bit so that the mini game is still started even when the player doesn't have a surfing Pikachu.
For the leader names, you can pretty much mimic the code that is in the thread you linked to.


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