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Spriting Needed; Mostly Tweaks

I'm not the best spriter in the world, and I think I've run into the end of my capacity to modify sprites or find new sprites applicable and with permission. I know we have some talented spriters in the community, so I hope I can get a hand and I'll try to keep it manageable and use some existing bases. Figured I'd post in the Help/Question as requests in the Tools segment is frowned on; if something like this belongs elsewhere, let me know!

* Neo - Basic
* Neon - Evolved Neon

"Electric Dogs"; Based in part on the Growlithe/Arcanine pair; leaner appearance for both, more "pup" or younger look to Neo, more "Jackel" or "Stray Dog" look to Neon.
Colors to be bright "neon" sort of pallet; leaning toward a bright "neon" green.

* Shadequill - Basic
* Nactspine - Evolved Shadequill

Rabbit/Porcupine sort. Dark types. I'm envisioning some of the early Nidoran M style sprites on Shadequill, and an Nachtspine that's more rabbit than Nidorino.

* Frightener - Evolved form; "Gastly" esque trio

Frightner is a part of a companion ghost trio and the third form, on level with Gengar. Idea is where Gengar is wide, Frightner should be tall, slender; paired, Gengar would be "short & fat" to Frightner's "tall & thin"

If anyone can lend a hand, I'd certainly be appreciative; if anyone is interested in more and can help, so much the better! Thanks!

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