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[Gold] Map Connection Route 18 to Fuchsia City

I was following the very useful thread on here to try and make my own map connections without resorting to warps.  I understand the connection from Fuchsia City to Route 18, but not the other way around. In one instance it looks like the Y movement of connection strip in blocks should be -7, and in the other case -3

//means I did the calculation/show the work to back calculate what JohtoMap shows

Dest. Bank: 17
Dest. Map: 5
Width: 20
Height: 14
X Alignment: 0
//East: 0
Y Alignment: 14
//West/East: (Y_movement_of_connection_strip_in_blocks * -2)
//(-7)(-2) = 14
OMDL/Current Map Position: C70D
/East: C6FD + (Width of Origin Map + 6) * (Y Movement of "Connection Strip" + 4)
/C6FD + (A+6)*(-3+4) = C6FD + (10)(1)
CMPDL/Window: C71B
//South/East: C707 + [Width of connected map]
//C707 + 14 = C71B
CSUBP/Pointer to "Connection Strip"s Upperleft Block (Connected Map): 6641
//X: 0, Y, 4 in connected map

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