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[RED] Special post-battle Move Tutor script

Here's the code I've written thus far:

CeladonCityAfterBattleText: ; 48a95 (12:4a95)
    jr nz, .asm_7053f
    ld hl, IronTailMoveTutorPreText
    call PrintText
    ld a, 5
    jp CeladonCityTutors

Basically, after beating Misty, she will teach one of the player's Pokémon Iron Tail. She will not take no for an answer and will stay there until she teaches Iron Tail. If none of the player's Pokémon can learn Iron Tail for whatever reason, the Move Tutor script will not activate in lieu of a remark from Misty. If at least one of them can learn Iron Tail, the Move Tutor script will proceed as usual. After she teaches Iron Tail, the player will move one step down, she will move one step left, and her sister will move one step down, out of the Celadon Ballet Academy, before they depart from Celadon City. Obviously, there's more code for me to write. The question is, what do I write?


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