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#1 2016-07-28 02:18:39

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[Gold] Catching Bugs, Set Style, Bag Size, and Move Effects

(1) So I found this very useful thread for fixing the catching bugs in the game:

It has offsets listed for the ball related bugs so I think I can figure those out, but it does not have the offset location for the burn/paralyze bug.  I don't see how to fix this bug.

(2) How can I set my ROM to permanently be Set battle style?

EDIT: I found the answer to this:

(3) I saw a crystal hack (done in disassembly not Hex) that had an increased inventory cap, any thoughts on where this is in Gold ROM?

(4) I'm looking to first edit the unused move effect [Lower Sp Def] to a Bug Buzz/Earth Power effect of damage with a chance to lower Sp Def.  Seems simpler then remaking it completely maybe. 
I found this thread:
I don't really follow much, it mostly talks about disassembly, again I've been working with hex/programs like Swampert's tools.  I also want to make Will-O-Wisp move effect as well so I'd really like to figure this out more.  Would it be fast to learn disassembly, make it in disassembly, then see what the hex code is and copy past the hex code?  I really just don't understand disassembly....

EDIT: I asked this awhile ago but didn't really get much help, I figured out how to edit with existing effects but not making new effects
EDIT2: I was being stupid and didn't realize I could use the "Crunch" effect.  I can cheese a Will-O-Wisp effect by putting the % burn effect to 100% but even at 0 power it still does 1 damage and I don't know if the AI will use it or not

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