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Pokemon White Gold V1.4 (Fixed new moves and added Legendary Birds)


A year and a half ago I stumbled upon Pokemon ROM hacking and had a blast playing my first hack (Dark Rising).  Shortly after I stumbled upon the community as a whole and wanted to go back to my fav Gen and make small changes to my favorite game.  I worked for 1-2 months learning about hex and compiling tools, looking through old threads, and asking a lot of questions which Miksy91 happily helped with.  At some point I lost interest and picked it up almost a year later for about a month before I got bogged down trying to edit all the TMs and Wild Encounters.  I had started to think about working on it again and seeing Polished Crystal pop up just recently gave me the motivation to finish up at least some key things to my hack.  I'd like to put it out now and then keep going from here!

Main Idea:
This game is my vision of how Pokemon Gold should be.  It stays true to the original game and I figured there's no reason not to share it!  I feel like a lot of ROMs suffer by not adjusting pokemon level up movesets, for instance, I find it absurd that Aerodactyl doesn't naturally learn a rock attack.  This coupled with increased AI team diversity and level has lead to a nicer difficulty curve.  As long as you have a diverse team you should be fine, my trial playthrough involved killing no wild Pokemon after the first gym.  I look forward to adding in more end game content and more!

Here's my core changes so far:
-All Wild Pokemon and Trainer levels have been rebalanced
-All Gym Leaders/E4/Rival battles updated
-All 251 Pokemon have Improved/More Interesting Level-Up Moves
-The last 4 moves a Pokemon learn, the ones trainers/wild would have, produce a competitive moveset
-Evolving no longer changes rate of move learning
-Trade/Happiness evolutions changed to level up or stone evolution
-TMs Updated
-Physical/Special Split and added some later gen moves to balance the split
-Changed 15 moves to help adjust for the physical/special split
-Trade/Happiness evolutions changed to level-up/stone evolutions
-Wild Pokemon encounter chance minimum of 5% for a specific Pokemon
-Shiny Pokemon odds changed to 1/254 based on if all DV's are at least 12
-Only Pokemon that flee will be the 3 Dogs
-Legendary birds can be captured
-Increased Capture Rates
-Running Shoes by pressing B
-Mandatory 'Set' battle style
-Recieve Exp. Share early on
-In-Game Trades Updated
-Game Corner Prizes Updated
-Removed all Kanto hidden items
-Days of the Week Siblings are always visibile and interactive regardless of day
-All Goldenrod citizens are always visibile and interactive regardless of day

V1 Patch Notes
-Adjusted Heracross catch rate
-Adjusted various Pokemon's level up moves
-Adjusted the price of a few items
-Adjusted all wild encounter levels
-Adjusted difficulty of many bosses
-Adjusted most trainer difficulty
-Adjusted Machoke, Graveler, Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Pichu evolution level
-Adjusted a couple moves PP/Accuracy
-Switched TM39 and TM49 Location
-Switched evolution stones from Goldenrod to Mahogony Mart
-Fixed the Ilex Forest TM TextBox
-Fixed Chuck TextBox
-Fixed Pryce TextBox
-Fixed Goldenrod Dept TM Store
-Fixed Slowkings evolution method
-Fixed Air Slash and Brave Bird to flying type
-Fixed Celadon TM Store
-Fixed all new move animations
-Fixed a typo in the Celadon Game Corner
-Fixed new move % effects
-Fixed Bug Buzz/Earth Power/Flash Cannon to do damage
-Fixed Aerodactyl's TMs
-Added mandatory set battle style
-Added new move, Wisp (Will-O-Wisp)
-Added Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno
-Removed all hidden Kanto Items

Known Bugs
-Freida Friday sometimes crashes games
-New moves display incorrect type due to move animation changes, function correctly though
-Wisp causes damage
-BraveBird/Flame Blitz have 1/4 recoil instead of 1/3
-Articuno/Moltres map sprite displays wrong

My trial run E4 team:
Raichu Lv40
Kingdra Lv38
Heracross Lv37
Typhlosion Lv38
Nidoqueen Lv38
Aerodactyl Lv39

V 1.4 Patch Download: … UNWSnBfM2s

Wild Encounter Guide: … TRjYXRPb0k

Special Thanks
-Many more, my apologies for forgetting but I started this over 1.5 years ago!

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