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[Solved]Intro names in Gen I


I need to write longer names for the trainer and rival, but there is not enough space for the characters. It is possible to move the names to another place? I ask this because unlike before I'm unable to find a text pointer for those texts, so... How can you say to the game, when it is expecting text to write, to change and read instead from a specific offset?

EDIT: Found them:

A36A: "NAME" (the text above the window border)

A86A: List of available names for the trainer (text to be displayed in the selection screen)
C06A: List of available names for the rival (to be displayed in the selection screen)

F26A: List of names to be used for the trainer in dialogs.
0A6B: List of names to be used for the rival in the dialogs.

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Re: [Solved]Intro names in Gen I

Is there a particular reason you are hex editing and not using the disassembly? One of the many great things about the disassembly is you never have to worry about moving to free space, or updating pointers.


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Re: [Solved]Intro names in Gen I

As far as I know, Montblanc is hacking the Spanish version of Blue, so unless somebody ported all the Spanish text and graphics over to the disassembly, hex editing is about the only choice. :p
They have been using the disassembly to help figure out offsets and stuff but I assume the disassembly wasn't too helpful for finding pointers.


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Re: [Solved]Intro names in Gen I

Yes I'm working with the Spanish ROM, and an unfinished English Green Version hack made by people from here some years ago (that's how I found this page :P). I started looking how the mon sprites were changed in that ROM, worked on mine and at some point I ported all my changes to the English ROM and then continued working in both at the same time. Learning how to hex editing also helped me to identify data, in fact, the major part of the changes I made are ports of data and code (sound effects, graphics, object coordinates, palettes, unknown dungeon map data, the flower routine and sprites, wild mon tile detection...) from the original Green Version.

I don't have too much experience writing code (some syntaxis of a few lenguages and the use of tools like RPG maker) so even I can think how to divide a problem I cannot write the code. That's why I used pokered as aid to identify stuff and make builds with code the people gave me and port the resulting data using the hex editor.

BTW its almost finished. Only the English text for the Pokédexis missing , I'm waiting to complete it in order to release both at the same time. :)

PS: The pointers I wrote above are for the English ROM.

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