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New move effects

How do you make the Flatter effect, in which a Pokémon is confused and then has his/her Special raised by 1?

ETA: I'm going to try to do it using the ConfusionEffect code as a base. Here's the ConfusionEffect code:

ConfusionSideEffect: ; 3f959 (f:7959)
    call BattleRandom
    cp $19
    ret nc
    jr ConfusionSideEffectSuccess

ConfusionEffect: ; 3f961 (f:7961)
    call CheckTargetSubstitute
    jr nz, ConfusionEffectFailed
    call MoveHitTest
    ld a, [wMoveMissed]
    and a
    jr nz, ConfusionEffectFailed

ConfusionSideEffectSuccess: ; 3f96f (f:796f)
    ld a, [H_WHOSETURN]
    and a
    ld hl, wEnemyBattleStatus1
    ld bc, wEnemyConfusedCounter
    ld a, [wPlayerMoveEffect]
    jr z, .confuseTarget
    ld hl, wPlayerBattleStatus1
    ld bc, wPlayerConfusedCounter
    ld a, [wEnemyMoveEffect]
    bit Confused, [hl] ; is mon confused?
    jr nz, ConfusionEffectFailed
    set Confused, [hl] ; mon is now confused
    push af
    call BattleRandom
    and $3
    inc a
    inc a
    ld [bc], a ; confusion status will last 2-5 turns
    pop af
    call nz, PlayCurrentMoveAnimation2
    ld hl, BecameConfusedText
    jp PrintText

BecameConfusedText: ; 3f9a1 (f:79a1)
    TX_FAR _BecameConfusedText
    db "@"

ConfusionEffectFailed: ; 3f9a6 (f:79a6)
    ret z
    ld c, 50
    call DelayFrames
    jp ConditionalPrintButItFailed

Obviously, I'm going to need to know what code to insert to also make the affected Pokémon's Special go up.

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