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Pokemon TCG Randomizer

The TCG Randomizer is a tool that allows you to randomize certain aspects of the Gameboy Color's Pokemon TCG. In particular, the TCG Randomizer will let you randomize Pokemon card data. This includes HP, weakness(es) / resistance(s), retreat cost, and moves between same type Pokemon cards, with various customizable options.

This is the first release of the TCG Randomizer. It's still a work in progress and if everything goes as expected I will be working in more features in the near future.

For more information and source code see:

Download (v1.0.0):


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Re: Pokemon TCG Randomizer

Hi Crystal_

Great job you have done here! I very funny to play with a Flareon with 100HP using Fire Spin! ^^

But some questions:

I have noticed when you check the case "shuffle moves", you cannot use move of the other evolution. I explain with an example: Squirtle (base stage) cannot learn Hydro Pump because Hydro Pump is used by Blastoise who it is stage 2. Can we make fix this?
And It's possible to make the compability of this software in the European version?

Thanks for your answer.


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