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[Red/Blue Hack] Red 2 & Blue 2


I've been working on a pokered project for quite a while now, and decided to make a thread about it, mostly to keep myself motivated. If folks are interested, cool.

I've always been a fan of rom hacks, but never really got into making one myself until a year ago, almost to the day. I learned about hex editing and stuff, and stumbled upon pokered. I learned about Mateo's awesome Red++, and got really interested in learning how to do cool things like he did with pokered. I started updating the engine and had a project similar to Red++ in mind, but seeing as how Red++ looks really good, and there are also a few other updates to Red and Blue on the market right now, I decided to try something different, myself.

I came up with Red 2 and Blue 2.

Hack of: Red, Blue


The game will take place after GSC, mostly in Kanto, but there will be additional areas, as well. I don't expect this game to be ready in a long time, I've been working on the engine, fixing bugs and adding later gen features, you know, the basic stuff. I'm in a really good place with the engine and features, but obviously a whole lot needs to be done with the world itself. I do plan on redoing everything, so eventhough it does take place in Kanto, it will be a different game with a whole new story.

I haven't outlined the entire story, but to say a few things. Team Rocket has reformed with Giovanni and have a new plan to take over Kanto. Red has been AWOL since Gold beat him at Mt. Silver, but Team Rocket starts to spread a rumour that Red is in cahoots with them and is helping them with their plan. There are even rumours that Red, the most powerful trainer in the world, is the new leader of Team Rocket, above Giovanni himself. These are just rumours, though, nothing has been confirmed, and it all seems a little fishy. However, if you indeed need to take on Red in order to save Kanto, you need to get in touch with the only known trainer to ever beat Red in battle..

You also collect 8 badges and take on the Elite Four.

A lot of hacks try to do an "edge and dark" story, for some reason, but Red 2 & Blue 2 will have none of that, I promise that the story will be a cheesy Pokémon story, which is exactly what I, personally, like. If you're looking for a mature hack, I doubt this is the hack for you.

The hack will include 251 pokémon - I haven't completely finalised the list of pokémon yet. As of now, there are no replacements, but I may replace some of the less popular mons of the original 151, but I'm haven't made any final decisions yet. I have added pokémon with the idea of giving the game variety. So, no Youngsters with six Rattata, but rather a Rattata, a Lillipup, a Sentret, etc. Also, more variety to the wild mons. I realize that it's weird to have Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos pokémon pop up in Kanto, but that will be explained in the story, and will actually be a part of the plot.

I will also include cameos from characters within the pokémon world, including trainer battles. I don't want to spoil too much, but you can expect to battle quite a few familiar faces.

So, what to expect?

Features that either are in now:

-Better AI
-Also, to compliment the above, enemy teams with counters to their weaknesses, move sets taken from competitive play
-Physical/Special split
-2nd Gen Backsprites, new front sprites, some from the official games, some custom
-Around 100 new moves to compliment the physical/special split, as well as new types
-New move effects for later gen moves that weren't in the game, including strategic moves
-Completely custom animations for the majority of the new moves
-Steel, Dark and Fairy types
-Running Shoes
-New item evolutions and items, but probably no new evolution methods, unless I change my mind
-Stuff that I forgot

What I am considering/working on:

-B2/W2 repel system
-The ability to surf and cut trees by "talking" to them
-Splitting the SPECIAL stat - not 100% sure about this, since the one SPECIAL stat makes later gen mons act differently, and it's kind of fun
-Abilities, at least a few of the simpler ones
-Held items

What will most likely not be in the game:

-A dark, mature, serious story
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



(Sucker Punch had 15 as its max PP at the time of the screenshot, it has since been fixed)

As far as the features go, the stuff, or at least most if it, has been done already in other hacks, such as Red++, and that's why I'm trying to focus on the overall story/world design to "differentiate" my hack from other pokered projects.


-Mateo and Red++ for showing that pokered can be used to create a really sweet hack and getting me excited - also Mateo for being really nice and answering my questions
-Pokémon Maize and ShantyTown, for the same reason
-Everybody who has worked on the pokered project
-#pret @ Freenode for offering help, especially padz and Pikalax
-Miksy91 for his GBC hacking videos - eventhough this has been done on pokered, his videos helped me understand rom hacking in the beginning
-Danny-E 33 for the 2nd gen backsprites and the EXP bar
-Blue Emerald for a lot of 3rd and 4th gen front sprites, Project X/Y Devampdex from Whack a Hack for a lot of backsprites
-Myself for some front and a lot of backsprites
-_Crystal for answering a few questions here very thoroughly

I will edit this as I remember stuff that I forgot.

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Re: [Red/Blue Hack] Red 2 & Blue 2

Sounds like a fun premise, I'll be keeping my eye on this. Good luck, looking good so far. Hope you stay motivated!

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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Re: [Red/Blue Hack] Red 2 & Blue 2

I have on mind hack red and blue versions via pokered. And my idea of the future story of my hack seems like yours! Events unfold after Ash wins Pokemon League.

But im really stuck doing scripts...  Unfortunately, I do not know much about scripts...


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Re: [Red/Blue Hack] Red 2 & Blue 2

Are you still working on this hack? It seems kinda nice to make a sequel to the original games but with the changes after they were released.


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