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Viridian City Trainer House and Mail Box structure for Gold/Silver

This is an incomplete list of SRAM(?) values to change in Pokémon Gold and Silver. I tracked these with memory viewer after my Mail Box data and Trainer House trainer became corrupted by viewing glitch Unown that reset the game. I'm sure there might be more here, e.g hold items and number of Pokémon for custom teams? But unfortunately I haven't been able to find them. Sorry for the general incompleteness.

Example custom Trainer House Trainer: (Not uploaded yet)

Mail Box data:

A834 = Total number of Mail (default max is 10, too much Mail can corrupt the overworld)

Mail 1

A835 = first character
A836 = second character
A837 = third character
A838 = fourth character
A839 = fifth character
A83A = sixth character
A83B = seventh character
A83C = eighth character
A83D = ninth character
A83E = tenth character
A83F = eleventh character
A840 = twelfth character
A841 = thirteenth character
A842 = fourteenth character
A843 = fifteenth character
A844 = sixteenth character
A845 = seventeenth character
A846 = eighteenth character
A847 = nineteenth character
A848 = twentieth character
A849 = twenty-first character
A84A = twenty-second character
A84B = twenty-third character
A84C = twenty-fourth character
A84D = twenty-fifth character
A84E = twenty-sixth character
A84F = twenty-seventh character
A850 = twenty-eighth character
A851 = twenty-ninth character
A852 = thirtieth character
A853 = thirty-first character
A854 = thirty-second character
A855 = thirty-third character
A856 = author of first mail (first character)
A857 = author of first mail (second character)
A858 = author of first mail (third character)
A859 = author of first mail (fourth character)
A85A = author of first mail (fifth character)
A85B = author of first mail (sixth character)
A85C = author of first mail (seventh character)
A85D = author of first mail (eighth character)
A85E = author of first mail (ninth character)
A85F = author of first mail (tenth character)
A860 = author of first mail (end character)
A861 = ?
A862 = Pokémon shown in portrait mail
A863 = type of mail (item id). 'Purple oddish mail' for invalid ids.
A864 = ?

Mail 2 to Mail 10 appear to continue onwards from A864 in the same pattern, e.g. A865 changes the first character of the second Mail.

Trainer House data:

ABFD = Custom trainer? (00 = NO [CAL], 01 = YES)
ABFE = Letter 1
ABFF = Letter 2
AC00 = Letter 3
AC01 = Letter 4
AC02 = Letter 5
AC03 = Letter 6
AC04 = Letter 7
AC05 = Letter 8
AC06 = Letter 9
AC07 = Letter 10
AC08 = END letter
AC09 = ?
AC0A = First enemy level
AC0B = First enemy species  [Cannot be 00, FC, FE, FF. You can battle Eggs without a freeze, as long as they don't have glitch moves, except FD which works here as Substitute but for some reason they won't be at maximum HP]
AC0C = First Pokémon Move 1
AC0D = First Pokémon Move 2
AC0E = First Pokémon Move 3
AC0F = First Pokémon Move 4
AC10 = Second Pokémon level
AC11 = Second Pokémon species
AC12 = Second Pokémon Move 1
AC13 = Second Pokémon Move 2
AC14 = Second Pokémon Move 3
AC15 = Second Pokémon Move 4
AC16 = Third Pokémon level
AC17 = Third Pokémon species
AC18 = Third Pokémon Move 1
AC19 = Third Pokémon Move 2
AC1A = Third Pokémon Move 3
AC1B = Third Pokémon Move 4
AC1C = Fourth Pokémon level
AC1D = Fourth Pokémon species
AC1E = Fourth Pokémon Move 1
AC1F = Fourth Pokémon Move 2
AC20 = Fourth Pokémon Move 3
AC21 = Fourth Pokémon Move 4
AC22 = Fifth Pokémon level
AC23 = Fifth Pokémon species
AC24 = Fifth Pokémon Move 1
AC25 = Fifth Pokémon Move 2
AC26 = Fifth Pokémon Move 3
AC27 = Fifth Pokémon Move 4
AC28 = Sixth Pokémon level
AC29 = Sixth Pokémon species

For some reason, there is a large gap here, where the sixth Pokémon's move begins at AC72 instead of AC2A.

AC72 = Sixth Pokémon Move 1
AC73 = Sixth Pokémon Move 2
AC74 = Sixth Pokémon Move 3
AC75 = Sixth Pokémon Move 4

(Gold and Silver only; unsure of Crystal Pokémon 6 move addresses)

ACB2 (however, now when I test it modifying this address has no effect) = Money (hundreds) [Cannot be in the FC-FF range]

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Re: Viridian City Trainer House and Mail Box structure for Gold/Silver

Excellent find!

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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