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Game in progress

Hey Skeetendo, I have been a Pokemon finatic since Pokemon Red all the way up to Pokemon ORAS. I also have been into so many hacks lately. Pokemon Dark Rising, Pokemon Christmas, Pokemon Light Platinum to name a few. After playing hacks, i have been looking into Hex/script editing, and i think im getting the hang of it. Ive started to practice it on GSC and ive been pretty successfull. For awhile now, i have been brainstorming of what i can do with a GSC Pokemon game and try to make my own hack. Im obviously still a n00b at scripting and hex editing, so i will be useing some editors made by you awesome people to get me started. I'm just going to start off with something not too complex, so not too many story differances (if any). Its probably just going to be a pokemon switch with a revamp of all the towns and trainers. Heres what ive done so far:

Wild Pokemon- 30%
Town's/City's- 20%
Trainer Pokemon- 15%
Gym Leaders/Elite Four- 100%
Route's- 0%
Sprites (Maybe)- 0%
Text- 0%

The gym leaders Pokemon are totally redone (types, gym and name. I might do sprites.):

Elite Four:
GLIDER-FLYING/Koga-Poison and Bug

I Replaced Lance's Aerodactyl and two Dragonite's with 3 differant pokemon!

Note: The Leaders Pokemon May have illegal moves, but they make sense and makes the gym's a little harder.

Thats all i have now and ill update when I can! I'll always except help!

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