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2nd gen color enhancement?

I'm curious as to if it is possible to give gsc a larger color palette so that in battle, sprites can have more than two colors.  So basically like a remaster of gsc that isn't heart gold or soul silver.  This may be impossible, if so, what are the limits of the gsc engine and what can you do with disassembly?  I really want to get started on a project, but I don't have enough know how.


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Re: 2nd gen color enhancement?

I don't know if this will be possible to implement without breaking tonnes of stuff-- or at all-- but...

In games like Mega Man, they had two "layers" of sprites. No pixels overlapped, because there was no point in letting that happen, but... for areas with different colours, they'd use sprite 2.


Did that, and the image, make any sense...?
But to the actual Pokémon games... I have NO idea as to how you'd implement it, but one thing's for sure: use pokecrystal disassembly, damn it.


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