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Creating a new game similar to Medabots

Hello community, I found this community by looking around for medabots and game development, I have this idea and I would like to share to see if anyone wants to help. I want to create a game similar to medabots, based on Medabots 2 CORE and Robattle 3D and a few other concepts of my own that lack on these and will complement these well, plus online features.

I am a PhD student with research on Artificial Intelligence, I also work a lot with Unity3D and other software to create simulations.
Since I create these, some parts of my work can be used to make a video game on my own.

I plan to have a 3D game world, and 3D battles, all will use raycast sensors, navigation meshes and path-finding so the bots can see and walk on the world correctly and smart. This will be useful for battles.
I want to make the battles similar to Robattle 3D, but more realistic A.I. wise, where you can still issue your commands, but the bots will make the most use out of your command, the battle will not be in turns either, it will be in real time, but you will not control your bot directly, so it is easier to play on a mobile devise. However the main of the game will be for computers.

Later I will make or generate a world using automatic procedural generation maybe with a few scripts here and there to make a cool world.

I want to make the game itself based on Medabots 2 CORE, but with a strong focus on AI, as the opponents tend to be very weak late on the game, they don't scale, I want to focus on the learning of these opponents through machine learning. I think this is what lacks on Medabots 2 CORE.

The game won't be just fighting NPC, I want to make it online, even if just for battles at start, I think player vs player is the most important thing in this type of game.

My last point is I want to make sort of a community game, take suggestions from community that help build up the game and make the not just not play to win, but totally free to play, including skins and customization. If the game gets too popular maybe a donation system can be created, however no advantages will be given to those who donate, the donations will only allow users to suggest ideas into the game and the most high ranked idea or the one who pays the most in X time, will get that idea implemented in the game sort of thing.

At start I might use 3D models from Medabots Infnity with Blender, later on I will make them custom, as I don't want to use medabots for copyrights reason, plus some medabots designs are not good (example Dr. Bokchoy), I want all designs to be cool and balanced, as game balanced will be optimized by usage and machine learning mentioned above, (I hate useless medabots).
Anyone with time can create models in blend for me to implement in the game, I will also need animations(which I might have to do on my own), as I want all pieces to be replaced like in medabots. All bots should be similar to the ones in Medabots 2 CORE, I don't like when they transform to cars, all kinda standard, they can have wheels or float, but they all must not have that standard car alike they have do have on later generations.

Everyone is welcome to join in and help in the making of this game, specially if you are a 3D artist (Blender) as easy 3D formats to work with are .blend and .fbx, or a story writer (big world plots (as I have a few short ideas)).
I would like to get some motivation, encouragement and suggestions here, even criticism is welcome.

Here is a link to play, take in consideration this an early stage of the game, but feedback is welcome!
Demo: … sCore.html
The game should work on all browsers except Chrome.

What we need:
-Animator (makes a standard for all animations used for all the models that will be made, (arms legs and body) there animations are for example punch, block, shoot, slice, smash, pierce, run, walk, headbutt.)
-3D modeller, to make and attach all pieces.
-Story teller (makes and designs a story for the world).


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