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Add wild Kanto data

Is a problem, because have the pointers of the grass data can't help us because the system load only the data by the same bank and the bank is full, in the italian version there is only the space for the adding surf data, but only moving the next wild data (like special by Géar calls) and then not is possible add grass data for the cutted zones of Kanto (Like Viridian Forest and the dungeons like Seafom, Cerluean cave and Pokémon mansion) is possible move all the data of the wild structure in another bank for skip the ASM (that I don't know) or maybe is possible add one only grass (or better dungeon) data for all hours of the day? The land data is too big to add because have 3 types of pokémon for 3 different times of the day, but can be awful for the dungeons, perhaps I can gain free space cut away the morning and night pokémon of the Rock tunnel for example, and my adding data can be a bit more small if I don't add night and morning data for Pokémon Mansion, Cerulean cave and Seafom islands. Maybe the only way will be to add tiles that have the surf data in the collisions (exist a collision instruction for find water pokémon and walk without use surf?), but can works only for the dungeons without water and seafom & Cerulean cave have the water, maybe Seafom islands can works however, because you find water pokémon in here, but Jynx is an ice pokémon... I have to delete it... And Zubat and Golbat? A way to shrink the land data cutting out morning and night will be better, if is possible...

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