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I'm back

Hey all! As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, I have been somewhat absent from the board, MSN, etc. Partially this is from classes starting back and me being busy, but mainly this was due to me reinstalling XP.

Basically, it started out with me having a dual-boot set up with Vista and XP. I decided, as I was using XP much more than vista, I was going to expand my XP partition and shrink vista. Sadly, Vista decided to misbehave, changed XP's drive letter, and refused to shrink itself in the process.  So when all was said and done, even after some attempted repairs I had: a laptop that would boot into a clean Vista install, and my files on the XP partition, that wouldn't boot. So I backed everything up and told vista it will never again boot on my laptop and now I'm running only XP, and will soon be adding Linux in a dual boot setup.

So anyways, I'm back now, I'll be around more again, and all the hacks (SaR, Sterling Silver, the christmas hack, the sourcecode of my editors) are all intact. Just a matter of copying everything back over from the desktop.

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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Re: I'm back

Heya welcome back,

Glad you got everything sorted mate.


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Re: I'm back

Mateo? Whos Mateo?  ;)


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