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Linking to ROMs

It’s okay to link to ROMs. Here is the reasoning:

  1. Some ROMs are hard to find, so having a link is convenient.

  2. In practice, patches often contain copyrighted information. (Swapping images between games, etc.)

  3. We already frequently post copyrighted hexdumps, assembly snippets, etc.

  4. ROM hacks violate trademark law anyway.

  5. Nobody actually dumps their own ROMs legally. Even I don’t, and I’ve always been interested.

  6. Linking to ROMs isn’t actually illegal in the US (yet).

Don’t just make this place a hub for illegal material, but it’s okay to link to a ROM when it makes sense.

Note that I won’t host ROMs directly on the server. Try not to link to movies or other high‐profile content, because while it may the same legally, I’d really rather stay a smaller target.

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Re: Linking to ROMs

Shouldn't be hard to type '''' into the address bar, even for a newb..

Pokemon Blue DX is reborn!

It's really not


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Re: Linking to ROMs

I think this is fair. I actually heard that legally it is Ok to own ROM dumps of games as long as you own the cartridge and the ROM dump is in your language.


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Re: Linking to ROMs

Yeah and I heard that downloading current video games is legal if you delete them after 24h... Or that you can keep downloaded Wii games for free if you write Nintendo backwards three times on a mirror.

It's bullshit, illegal, nothing but rumors.



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