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Some of you may know me before. I decided to join this forum because I'm interested in ROM hack thingy.

I was on Reddit before, mostly in Twitch Plays Pokemon subreddit. I made a ROM hack called Pokemon Red TPPSE. And now I'm working on Crystal one. (My hacks so far are all related to Twich Plays Pokemon)


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Re: Hi!

I was watching your videos and saw that you had some trouble with maps.

The disassemblies have a basic map editor that has been broken for some time. It's recently been fixed.


To get it (from your pokecrystal repo):

cd extras && git pull origin master

It should run on Mac and Linux natively. On Windows, install Cygwin/X and run Cygwin-X/WinX Server from the start menu. You'll need to run it each time you turn your computer on, so you might want to add it to startup if you use it a lot.

To use it:

python extras/pokemontools/

You can also run it from a live python interpreter, so you can do more with the meager gui:

import extras.pokemontools.map_editor as ed
app = ed.init()

To use it with pokered, you can specify the version like so:

python extras/pokemontools/ red
app = ed.init(version='red')


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Re: Hi!

Oh thanks, just noticed that there's map editor that comes with the disassembler.


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