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R/B Mart & PokeCenter Scripts

[R/B] Mart & PokeCenter Scripts

Adding new Marts or Pokecenter in Red/Blue is pretty easy. They have a built-in text-script command that does everything for you (i.e. no ASM needed). These commands need to be pointed by a text pointer in the map's text-pointers list (see RBGY map headers doc for more info)

Structure: [$FE][number of items][1st item][2nd item]...[$FF]
(thanks to IIMarckus for this structure info)

Structure: [$FF]
Notice that the healing machine animation would need ASM to be edited so, if you don't want to re-work it, make sure the person to which you assign this text-script is immediately on the right of a healing machine, and steady (i.e. non-walking).

That's all. Of course don't forget to assign these text-scripts to a person in-putting the correct text_ID in the object-data (again, read more about this in the RBGY map headers doc, if you need to).


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