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ASM help

Okay, so I'm trying to make a very small change in Pokemon TCG.  All I want to do is change the music that plays during one of the battles with your rival.

I figured the best way to start was to log the operations right before the music starts, but I can't seem to get the logged commands to dump to a file or even see them at all in BGB.

Does anyone know of a good GB logger, or can suggest another way I try to go about finding the music routine?


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Danny-E 33
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Re: ASM help

Func_3a1f is the function that plays the rival music.

'ld a, MUSIC_RONALD' at the bottom of the function is Ronald's music id from music_constants.asm.

EDIT: Oh sorry, I skimmed your post and didn't realize that you meant the duel music and not the rival theme.

There seems to be some kind of npc data structure starting at $119dd and each entry is $d bytes long.

The last byte of each entry ($00, $15, $16, or $17) is the match start theme that the npc plays. So I'm guessing that entries with $00 are npcs that don't duel.

As far as the actual duel theme (not the match start), put a breakpoint in bgb at 03:4CAD. At that point when a battle is about to start, hl points the the current opponents battle theme id (02, 03, or 04).

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