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#1 2014-05-21 13:18:43

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Pokèmon norman version

Title : [norman version
rom base : pokemon gold english.Gbc

story :
a kid name ethan have a journey to discovery the fantastic world of pokemon but have a problem team cedric have a Expirement.The dna of pokemon and other are insert for one pokemon this is norman the normal type have a ability to learn all tm's and hm's move have a power like arceus can't destroy the world.

the team with black tshirt and big blue C in the front of his tshirt and for girls have a blue bighair and we have a big blue C in the front of her dress.
This team have a bad plan in pokemon to create new but a 10year old boy name ethan is destruct the mission of this team.

red is known as a kanto region champion but red have a brother his small brother ethan and red jealous to his brother because great grandfather elm have a mission to ethan to descover the enigma berry and red is late visiting to the elm's lab and to the head of createsurus city red and ethan began the first battle to his brother.

coming soon!!

Persentage :
-script 8%
-tiles 10%
-trainers 20%
-sprite 80%
-new 6%

Thanks to the following :
- miksy91
for helping me ! In some script
for the flags of the defeated ash in he's hack christmas
for explaning how to use successfully the asm
my bestfriend XD
for he's titlescreen in his hack x/y naturia : version i get the Xernea's shadow view

This is my second hack i try my best to do a great hack :) to play good and enjoy !

The story is important not the graphics.


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#2 2014-05-21 16:20:48

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Re: Pokèmon norman version

Just a couple random things: Wouldn't the legendary birds look better with Ho-oh's overworld sprite? Those sprites feel so Farfetch'd! Also, I'd make Zapdos green, just to differentiate it from Moltres. (maybe I'm biased because that's what I've exactly thought of doing in my hack for a long time: ho-oh's sprite and blue/green/red colors for each) Oh, and maybe remove one of those A's from Atricuno's cry, so that the text fits well in one line.

Good luck with the hack!


#3 2014-05-21 17:08:09

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Re: Pokèmon norman version

Nice to see,but you should make something more with the storyline. That's really a short story. Also for my opinion Zapdos's sprite should be yellow not red.
The players sprite is cool. For my opinion add/replace some Pokemon from generation 4.

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Re: Pokèmon norman version

Now the story of this hack is good i try to change one of the stone to megastone and to be a mega evolution but failed in rom i create a new stone using teru-sama ang then change data to "evolve a certain pokemon" then i change the effect in ram and change the rom when i use it the pokemon evolve but the game after the battle is freeze one can't help me the exact location of this?


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