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#1 2014-03-01 02:21:19

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Sprite De-Vamps/edits/etc.

Hello all, I have some GSC styled trainer sprites/minor edits to post.


Blue Dot=Edited some way or form.


Red: Changed Hat and hair.
Green1: Yellow's costume with RBG's little badge emblem
Green2: Ditto + Phanny Pack
Green3: Menacing Champion
Lorelei: Completely rehauled sprite to work in GSC style
Agatha: Recolored, flipped, and added some details to make her blend with these GSC youngsters
TR Grunt F: Black outfit, to show her gruntyness, other colors are for admins...
TR Admin M: Made to look more like Archer
TR Admin F: Made to look more like Arianna
Ghost: Recolored RBGY Ghost
Medium: Recolored from the RBGY Sprite, with a few tweaks here and there
Gambler: Revamped from the RBGY sprite, the stripes do terrible in a 4 color pallet so they were dropped
Brock: Changed shirt to give a closer feel to the RBGY sprite
Misty: Used the yellow sprite because RBGY is a blob, changed some shading to give the illusion of a 2 piece.
Koga: Revamped the original sprite, flipped it and some minor ninja edits.
Sabrina: Added some Psychic flair to her.
Blaine: Changed pallet to something more fire related
Giovanni: Completely new sprite resembling his mobster look in later generations.
Bug Catcher: Changed pallet, added more details to his knickers
Cool TrainerF: Pallet Change
Cool TrainerM: Pallet Change and no more white hair
Hiker: Fleshed out beard and cane a little, made other arm look like an arm and not a stubby hand.
Beauty: Changed Pallet
Sailor: Fixed hat
Psychic: Added some Psychic flair
Gentleman: Pallet change
Burgalur: Pallet change
Rocker: Changed look so we can actually see what he is.
Flygon Devamp, Other Rocket Admins.

I am working on most of the RBGY classes because I really, Really, REALLY would love to see a RBG remake on the GSC engine.

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Re: Sprite De-Vamps/edits/etc.

Now those are pretty damn cool.

Also Mateo at one point was doing something like that for his Silver Rom Hack, Secrets and Rumours, but because of how tedious and difficult it was to remake Pokemon Red in Silver, he decided to move it as a Pokemon Red hack instead. But he hasn't worked on it since he is busy with Pokemon Christmas, which he is finalizing for 2014.

Said it would be out sometime this month, hopefully. XD


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Re: Sprite De-Vamps/edits/etc.

Yeah, these are cool.

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Re: Sprite De-Vamps/edits/etc.

Could these be used in Gen I, like with Danny's Gen II Graphics Hack for Red/Blue since it has full color in it?


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Re: Sprite De-Vamps/edits/etc.

Ya sure


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Re: Sprite De-Vamps/edits/etc.

Hi guys, n00b question here; How can I fit 64x64, or even 40x47 to 40x40 without messing the sprites up?


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Re: Sprite De-Vamps/edits/etc.

If you are trying to scale down a sprite to a certain size, like 64x64 to 40x40, you would start by eliminating all the white rows/columns on all four sides (maybe you did that and that's where you got (40x47). Then you could use two approaches. I either eliminate rows from somewhere in the middle of the sprite to "squish" the sprite, or you can scale the sprite in a program like Gimp. Although, you shouldn't have to go below 56x56 (or 48x48 for back sprites).


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