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[Creepypasta]: Pokemon Silent Crystal

The following story has many disturbing narrative moments,
if you don't feel to read it then don't read the following creepypasta.

I created this creepy 3 months ago after a long nightmare.
It's taken froma series of real stories.
The original creepy was written in italian 2 months ago.
Sorry if sometimes there's a bad grammar - I used Google Translator on some large portions of the story in order to short time (I've corrected it as much as possible).

You could find the original posting location of the English Version here.

Many years ago, at the end of 2007 I often went to the workplace of my father to spend the afternoon and there, in a gas station next to the place of my father's workplace I met a guy whose name I'm not required to disclose.

Me and my friend were playing video games at times - playstation and game boy color and advance in particular.
Once, while we were playing GTA San Andreas , he told me about his cousin hacker , who was a programming genius but he was sick and slept only 3 hours a day , and did crazy hacks of games of all kinds, my friend also told me how his cousin had, two years before, hacked San Andreas and was able to insert an immortal man armed with a chainsaw chasing CJ also during missions and that apparently created the myth of Bigfoot since many several DVD copies had circulated online with the game rigged above.
I even asked my friend about his cousin, and he once took from him two of our games and he hacked their savegames and unlocked many cut\beta things normally unaccessible even with the use of cheats.

Although my friend admired the skills of his cousin, he didn't like to talk about him, and once, speaking of the new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that would come out, the conversation turned back to him, and I asked him if he had done some hacks also on pokemon.

He then said to me: << Do you know why I do not like talk very much about my cousin?>>
I said: << why?>>
And he answered:<<because once he has created a game of Pokemon who kills who plays, and since then he has moved away from my family and we speak a little, the other day was an exception because it was in a good mood...>>
At that point I wanted to ask for the game of Pokemon that kills, and he told me everything:
His cousin had hacked a lot Pokemon Crystal, and a few years before he created a hack and put it on about 20 cartridges, many of which were put on E-Bay at a high price because he claimed it was a testing beta\review copy of Pokémon Crystal, a cartridge hard to find then.
He also told me of how one of these cartridges was purchased by a 14 year old girl from Hong Kong and she died 72 hours after cutting his veins, according to his cousin, for " escape from the game", the police found her again with the game boy in hand and the coroner was not able to give their own diagnosis of how this could have happened, there was talk in the newspapers of depression, but the story was not drunk.
Moreover, this wasn't the only case, 3 months after a 10 year old child choked himself with a steel cable always to "escape from the game"...

After hearing those gruesome stories, I asked him if he had ever seen one of those cartridges.
To my amazement, he replied that on the day that his cousin went from the house of his family left in a drawer of a shoe rack in his basement one of those cartridges that he still held, and before leaving he said to my friend <<leave that there and don't ever play with it for any reason>>.
At that point he looked at me and said: << I have too many questions about that game for too long. I never wanted to think about, but now I want to know the truth and find out why an innocent game of Pokemon kills children.>>.
At that point he told me that afternoon that would take the cartridge and we would play tomorrow in the same place where we were now, because according to her it was better to have a viewer who could keep an eye on the situation.

The next day he returned with the cartridge.
It was very similar to Crystal's cartridge, but the (transparent) cartridge Pokemon Crystal was a lighter blue and almost brighter, also lacked the word "Nintendo" on the cartridge (like all the counterfeited Game Boy games).
We started the game.
The beginning was the same, the words "Nintendo 1995-2000" appeared as usual, but after things started to get disturbing...

Ditto came out as usual, but instead of bounce he fell to the ground in a pool of pink blood and this blood formed the Game Freak logo.
At that point the video of introduction appeared, it was completely different from Crystal.
A cold and white sea of fog appeared, the Burned Tower appeared in the background and it was twice as tall and was burning with red fire flames, the music was the same on the lower floors of the Ruins of Alph and the Unown appeared that formed a word, as in crystal, but instead of writing "crystal" tehy wrote " Come here... ", the dots were formed by giant Unown formed only by the eye , then the eyes of the Unown began to cry and the screen appeared ...
The logo and Pokemon crystal version was unaffected , except for the word "Crystal Version" that was blue\white, but what was even more strange was the fact that instead of Suicune  there was the Overworld of the player who ran to the left.
We pushed "Start" and appeared the menu, instead of having the white background it was the opposite, black background and white letters, the font of the writing was the same crystal, the frame was white too.
There was only "New Game", no "Options" .
We started the new game and here began the most terrifying experience I've ever seen...

A blue screen where you select the gender of your character appeared, but the dialogue was completamenet different:
<< Do you really believe that you can choose to be a male or a female? When you bear you can't select your gender, so I'll decide it for you, you'll play as a male! >>
then game went to the next screen:
<<time is precious, it is worthwhile to know what time it is before it is your time ... Select Hours>> then appeared.
Then appeared <<choose minutes>> and to my surprise appeared also <<choose Weekday>> and <<select month>>.
At the end a message appeared <<Now I can take off your blindfolds. You'll regret that I did it >>.
The usual white screen appeared , but the music was the same as Lavender, Prof.Oak appeared but he was pale, gray,
his clothes were torn.
<< Do you know why you're here?
Nobody knows. Not even you .
But what I know is that the Prof.Oak died .
His hour had come .
His research on pokemon him away from his research to the questions of life >>.
Horrified, he vanished and appeared in an Unown made only by one eye.
<<Who am I? I am the Game.
I'm the one who tells you that your pokemon has been poisoned and the one that tells you that you are using Pokeballs.
I could never ever speak for myself apart when people destroying their savegame performing glitches...
then I answered to them in the form of Missingno. to punish and scare them...>>.
a cry of Unown played, but it was slower and scary.
Appeared once again the Unown with one eye it was as if she was crying and had red eye .
<< I want you to understand and find the meaning of your life.
Because, you see, people lose precious seconds playing ...
I want you to at least spend the time while playing to find a truth, a truth about life that your loved Prof.Oak didn't found>>.
To our surprise the player appeared and he was identical to Ash and the word <<What is your name? >> appeared and we inserted the name " Rhen ".
<<Rhen ...Welcome to Crystal Lake.
This is the story of Jotho before the Lake of Rage was called Lake of Rage and the Tower had not yet burned.
Years before the adventure that you know , precisely, two years before.
Now face your destiny, and the search for truth ...>> and the game began.

We were in the house at the beginning of the game, as usual.
We opened the menu.
There was no "Options" and "Save"; We wondered how a game could be continued without saving.
We got out and strangely we didn't find his mother.
There was a letter on the table.
We clicked and a message was revealed:
<<Dear Rhen. I am Mom. If you read this message I died.
In your search for Pokemon you've never spent more to visit me and then I drowned in the pond water of Pallet Town.
Before I died, a certain Prof.Elm called me with a PokéGear and asked me about you. The Pokégear is in the drawer.
I will not say "I love you" because I would be a liar. Take care>>.
Appalled, we went in the drawer and pushed "A" Button.
Appeared in the text: << Rhen pecked in the drawer. Rhen got PokéGear! >>.
We left the house and we were at the Lake of Rage. But it was colder, and it was very different.
There were so many houses, a Pokecenter, a Market whose entrance was blocked by a person, and even a gym (also blocked).
There were many people who said things like: <<Welcome to Crystal Lake. I'm sorry for your loss, but now you will have to fend for yourself >>.
We entered the Pokecenter and the nurse told us <<how can I cure your pokemon if you don't have one? Go In Prof.Elm's lab, he will give you a Pokemon!>>
We entered the lab and everything proceeded as usual.
Elm greets us and offers us one of his three pokemon.
The pokemon were different.
The first was Cyndaquil, the second Clefairy and the third Ditto.
We took Cyndaquil because we thought he was stronger, Clefairy was too much for females and ditto don't learn moves.
Elm said: << here, keep your Pokedex and 5 pokeball! >>.
Perfect! everything from the beginning, he also gave us a pokemon egg.
<< keep it always with you! >> said and went out.
Just out, the character was still.
A dialogue box appeared: << if you missed it before, you have to keep in mind you can't save.
You cannot save your life. Only in games you die and reborn, or save it as if no time had passed.
The clock is ticking, move!>>.
We thought: But what shall we do??
So we then explored Crystal Lake\Lake of Rage.

We went into the gym and found a gruesome scene.
Pools of blood everywhere.
Men and pokemon pour on the ground covered in blood.
The leader, an elderly woman, was at the bottom, motionless, looking up at the wall.
When we talked, she turned and had shown a gruesome detail.
He did not have pixels that characterized his eyes.
She said: << Team Rocket ... killed everyone ... they took away my eyes and mortally wounded me... go to the market... they are there... hurry up>> and died.
Terrified, we went running back to the Market and walked out of the gym.
There was no one in Crystal Lake.
All gone.
And the Crystal Lake was as foggy. The water was agitated and very fast and white\light-blue.
The person in front of the Market was dead next to the Mart's door in a pool of green blood (the person that blocked the Market was also dressed in green).
We entered.
Inside was full of Rocket Members dressed in white with caps on his head.
They looked like members of the Ku Klux Klan.
One of them dressed in black as usual approached us.
<<I am of Team Rocket. We are criminals engaged in worship of our Supreme Only Lord, Satamon. (an image of a Pokemon appeared just like when you choose your first pokemon and this pokemon was similar to Cacnea but horned).
The image disappeared and the guy started talking.
<<Team Plasma bombarded lakes. Team Aqua and Magma have awakened two pokemon to destroy the world.
But we, Team Rocket, we are the best ever, we killed a whole family of Pokemon and we made sure that the only survived Cubone wears the skull of his mother and was wandering on his grave forever!
By the way. Were you searching for these?>> And started a fight.

The guy had 2 pokemon , and we only got Cyndaquil and an egg.
One thing appeared even more scarying.
His first Pokemon was one of those Unown formed by only one eye , but it was red inside, as if it was bloody.
Cyndaquil that came out was, without we knew it, shiny.
The Unown was at Level 70 and our Cyndaquil was only at level 5, we would have lost , in fact the Unown cyclopean used (oddly ) guillotine and killed in one hit Cyndaquil , and appeared in the text << Cyndaquil is dead! select another pokemon ? >> strange, we selected yes and appeared : << Rhen sent out Mew ! >> and it was at level 50.
The moves were : Psychic , Recover, Horn Drill and Flamethrower.
Unown still used Guillotine, but failed, and then Mew did as when you have a pokemon too powerful with no badges, and attacked at random and used Horn Drill and strangely the Unown died even though it was of the highest level.
the second was yet another Unown Pokemon at level 70 , and he also failed guillotine and Mew did as before, but this time he used Flamethrower.
At that point the battle was won, but the Rocket said : <<Why did you destroyed the eyes of the old lady in the gym? In fact, she isn't dead, and then those Unown could be useful later ... >> and we won 666 coins.
At that point all Rockets were dead and a message appeared : << You've been selfish. You wanted to win at all costs that fight, you could also lose it , and now that lady no longer has his eyes! you should go talk to her >> .
We went into the gym and the woman was still there and told us << oh , unfortunately I learned about the Rocket. For me there is still a chance, go to one of my grandsons in the next town, also keep this badge , your pokemon will obey you up to level 50 and you can also do surfing, now cross the edge of the lake to get to the next city>>.
We went out and revealed a dialogue of the Game : << all pokemon that faint will die except the shiny and legendaries and they have a second chance because they are special. More than you. Now move! >>.

We arrived in Mahogany Town which was  as usual, but also misty and deserted.
We went into the house where there's the hideout of Team Rocket and there were apparently no ladders , there was only the caretaker who asked us if we were looking for the granddaughter of the Gym Leader .
Rhen said :<< A girl ? >> At that point the game spoke: << to make the game more enjoyable I have determined the sex of your partner, the opposite to yours. How do I know? It 's true that I have made the Overworld as male, but you chose Cyndaquil, a pokemon for males, if you would have chosen Clefairy then you were a female since it's a pokemon that males never choise ... and now caretaker, you die and fade away! >>.
And he died in a pool of blood and was transported as when using Teleport.
The niece arrived from some stairs that appeared unexpectedly and said: <<Hello Rhen ! I knew about my grandmother ... there is a scientist who has made ​​progress in the field of surgery and that can also help against Team Rocket , is in Blackthorn City, let's go find it! >> and she got out the door.
But before we do the same thing a Pokeball appeared where before there was the guard and we took it.
Appeared the message : << Rhen gets Knife ! >> We opened the backpack and we clicked above "Knife!: << you will need it, believe me... >>.
We left that place and we went to Blackthorn City, the girl who apparently was the same if you choose " Female" in Crystal, followed us as Pikachu does in Yellow.
Strangely there was no Ice Cave and the path was normal so we arrived at Blackthorn City quickly.

The people there were all dressed in black, and all they said things like, <<we mourn, don't you know ?>>.
We entered the Dragon's Den(there was no water ), and there we found the scientist.
<<Hi, my name is Dr.Fuji , I'm a specialist in surgery , I know everything about the thing that happened to the GymLeader of Crystal Lake, what you need are two other Unown the same type, there are some in the Wood Tower in Ecruteak >>.
We were about to left when Rhen spoke for itself and said << Why are you in mourning? >>
and Fuji << Do you ask me that? Your city, Crystal Lake! The massacre in your own birthplace!
I thought you knew that, right? >>.

We went to Ecruteak and even there the road was deserted and even grayscale.
We Entered the "Wood Tower" which apparently could have been the Burnt Tower in which the Legendary Dogs lie.
Everything was in order and built like nothing was burned, and we were looking for the Unown.
But in the end we were about to enter a door when 4 guys from Team Rocket appeared out from nowhere, and the center of them there was the Gymleader of Crystal Lake.
She said : << sorry , but the offer that Team Rocket has given me is more tempting.
Granddaughter, you were a disappointment, you followed your boyfriend as if it was a saint, but he did horrible things, he left her mother die and all the people of his city were killed by his Mew.
Now I also have what I was looking for. Men, kill that girl!>>.
Khris felt in a puddle of blue blood and flashed before disappearing.
The woman said:<<You're free to keep your murderers Pokemon, but I'll take now these ones>> and the screen flashed as when the map changes abruptly and suddenly grew dark.
Everything was black and appeared dialogue , presumably of the woman: <<Men , thrown into the stinking pit down there, the Rattatas will do the rest>>.
At that point we understood everything: the woman had taken the eyes of the protagonist character and went to a meeting with Dr.Fuji for her eyes surgery, leaving us in a mass grave at the mercy of rattata without eyes and the slightest idea of where to go.
After wandering without success and hit against many walls, we remembered about the knife.
It said this time "Use " and appeared in the dialogue of the game <<you know what you'll need to do to get out of here.
Kill your Cyndaquil then use the knife again and take his eyes, the magic of your Mew will do the rest of the operation,
that monster infact could learn anything...>>
Immediately we heard a terrible moan by Cyndaquil and the text said << Cyndaquil is dead! >>.
Then we heard the cry of Mew and there was the same noise when you take a tool and immediately the screen lit up as if it had been used Flash.
Everything was back as before, but Cyndaquil was definitely dead.

At that point we went on and found many of those wild Unown that Fuji told us.
Appeared suddenly a game text:<< it seems that the body of your murdered Cyndaquil has set fire to the Tower, you forgot to turn off the flame on its back, hurry up and get out! >>.
Fire appeared everywhere, and we came out immediately from the tower which now became identical to the Burned Tower.
Then we looked for revenge against the gymleader of Crystal Lake and we walked to Blackthorn City, the protesters in mourning were all dead in pools of blood of various colors.
Oddly enough, we accomplished only a few after that there was a very narrow path that led to a wider path uphill through the mountains.
There was a sign, it said : <<Route 49, Blackthorn City - MOUNT SILVER >>.
We walked upstream and found the Mount Silver pokemon center.
Inside there were the Rocket dressed in white and they were all dead on the ground in pools of white blood.
Even Nurse Joy was dead.
Inside there was only a pokeball with the HM Surf inside and we taught Surf to Mew replacing Recover.

We went into Mount Silver to encounter the Gymleader and the Rocket dressed in black.
Inside everything was deserted, and everything seemed hazy, the water was always blue\white and very fast, we couldn't  surfing with Mew - the game said:<<the current is too fast!>> And then <<Why do you want to get wet? You don't even got a costume for swimming!>>
We arrived at the bottom of the cave and the only way to do it was just Surf ... we pushed A button on that part of water and the game said:<< the current is fast but it will take you to your destination. You don't have a costume, however, too bad, the water is freezing and you have to dive with nothing on... you'll have to dive naked. You're a shame but on the other hand this is the only way to do continue>> <<Do you want Surf?>>.
We were shocked and we didn't want really that the game wanted humiliate us so much, but on the other hand we had no choice so we choosed "Yes" (There was only "Yes" as option).
A sprite of the head of the trainer appeared with only his head out of the water with bubbles next to it, just like the sprite of the swimmers and we were carried by the current into a vortex and we were warped.
As soon as we arrived on a coast we realized that our character was all pink and then we realized that it was without clothes, at which point we thought that his cousin was a pervert but just then came a message from the game:
<<A swimming costume was on sale at the Market of Blackthorn City that you have willfully ignored.
Now you'll freeze faster.
Your Mew, in case you have not checked, is frozen, if you want to save you and him, you'll have to grab some hot water from that pool over there.
Dive down and bring the water to Mew >>.
At that point we noticed that there was actually a sprite of Mew lying on the ground and was colored blue - we checked the statistics - we saw the Pokemon Trainer Card in the "Rhen" Menu and we saw that the sprite was naked, and he covered himself just as it did Raiden in Metal gear Solid 2.
My friend said that in fact his cousin had told him that he had a little copied a piece from MGS2, but he didn't revealed anything more.
Near the pool there was a pokeball , and we took it:<< Rhen obtained Shopping Bag! >>.
We opened the menu and we used the Backpack.
the text said: << Rhen grabbed some water! >> and we went back to Mew.
At that point, however, Mew was already dead, infact the text said: <<Mew is Dead!>>.
But what happened to the extra possibilities?
The text of the game appeared: << maybe you have not been clear, but the Legendary Shiny and the Real shiny have a second chance! Your Mew is not Shiny! >>.
At that point we walked to the end of the cave and there was a Pokeball.
We got it and the text of the game said: << I left you some clothes.
You can not come in here so tanned, your friends will think you're crazy!>>.
But inside where?
There was only one locked door, we pushed "A" button on it and <<Rhen obtained Steel Cable!>> and the warp was unlocked.

We entered inside the top of Mount Silver.
Nothing could prepare us for which was inside.

Inside there was a white marble cathedral and instead of the benches there were tombstones and each had over it an Overworld of a person or of a pokemon.
We realized that they were all the people who died during the game.
There was also Dr.Fuji.
We came to the altar and we saw the Rocket dress in Black:
<<Finally ... fresh meat! Satamon, here's your sacrifice ! >>
But nothing happened.
<< Where is the Gym Leader of Crystal Lake? >> said our character.
<<She's dead >>he answered.
<<Apparently the transplant was not compatible and she died after two hours of agony. What a sucker.
Satamon, where are you ? >>
then he turned and turned and then he said : <<Oh, I get it. I'll have to take care of this situation alone. But I do not want to be rude , I'll give you a team of Pokemon that I have taken from corpses in various cities. And now let's fight >>.
A terrible struggle began.

We had 6 Pokemon and also the guy had 6.
<< ROCKET wants to fight ! You better beat him! ROCKET sent on Pikablu ! >>
And it was actually a Marill.
What a crap.
We sent in the field instead of a Pikachu to level 80.
The first attack was our "Thunderbolt" , which set off alone as the only medal allowed us to control pokemon up to level 50.
But at that Marill remained a PS.
Marill used Mirror Coat and almost killed our Pikachu automatically so he used Quick Attack and killed him.
Rocket sent in a certain Raticlaw (an evolution of raticate ), and pikachu mysteriously withdrew and went out a Snorlax Lv.80 too.
At that point we realized. The rocket was using Pokegods, which makes sense since it belongs to an occult sect.
Raticlaw used Hyper Fang and took half PS from Snorlax which then used Counter and pushed ​​him so badly that Raticlaw was killed in one shot.
Rocket sent on Doomsday, type Ghost\Poison and Snorlax, which was very hurt, withdrew and went out Espeon lv.80.
Doomsday used Curse and cursed Espeon, who, however, used spontaneously Hypnosis and forced him to sleep.
The curse struck Espeon inflicting him a lot of damage, but he used Dream eater on Doomsday and killed in one shot since it was also poison-type.
Then Rocket sent Foresaur (mythical evolution of Venusaur) and Espeon came out because it was cursed and entered Charizard which burned Foresaur with a very rapid Fire Blast.
Rocket then sent the Pokegod Rainer which is the evolution of Blastoise and Charizard came out and entered a Venusaur.
Rainer used Hydropump but misfired and Venusaur began using SolarBeam.
Rainer used Ice Punch and almost killed Venusaur leaving him 1 PS (he was apparently helding Focus Band ) and Venusaur used SolarBeam and killed him in one shot.
Rocket sent his last Pokemon, Charcolt, mythical evolution of Charizard and Venusaur withdrew and entered Blastoise that in less than no time used Hydro Pump and killed the abominable Pokegod.
At that point Rocket said : << I still have a Pokemon on my side, the mythical and supreme Satamon ! >>
and the fight started once again.
Satamon, who looked like Cacnea but it was red and it was horned was unfair and used a move called "ForcedDestiny"
and it didn't killed our pokemon, but " sucked away the soul " ( <<ForcedDestiny sucked away the soul of Pikachu!>>) and all pokemon were unusable, and Rocket said: <<Finally ... Satamon, the soul you were looking for is ready. Rhen, nou will now be trapped in a limbo from which you cannot get out... MOUNT SILVER! >> And he disappeared.

We found ourselves in a room of white rock and we recognized it instantly: it was the room on top of Mt.Silver where Ash is stuck.
Then the last message of the game appeared:
<<I have been built to give you a great truth.
The truth is that this world is bad not because there is Bin Laden (he was still alive at the time) or because there is starvation in the world, but only because everyone cares only about himself and kills anyone just to do what they want. Yes, even you, Rhen>>.
We wondered why, it had no sense...
<<Well , first of all you have left your mother die in Pallet Town, do you remember?
All you playing Pokemon never come back to your home and pretend that everything is fine, but who knows really?
This is get rid of other people>>.
We were shocked.
<< Besides, who told you that you had to go to Elm? I never said that at the beginning of the game.
Then you wanted to meddle in the gym and you have activated a series of catastrophic events.
This is meddling in the affairs of others.
But this is just the beginning.
You killed your Cyndaquil when in fact you could very well kill or capture those Unown and Mew would do the rest and would not be necessary to kill Cyndaquil and get his eyes.
You came out alive and unharmed after a very shocking experience so horrible and yet you wanted to seek revenge.
This is pride.
You willingly ignored the Market in the city later.
This is superficiality.
You're down to the level of doing something dumb and obscene like surfing naked in the icy water and then freezing and kill your Mew.
This is sheer stupidity.
And then you doomed forever innocent of pokemon to wander forever in Mount Silver without their soul and they will be damned for eternity with you!
This is not Sparta, this is the Hell.
I'll tell you how he could go if you really wanted to throw you to the adventure:
Option 1: You didn't killed Cyndaquil and you killed a couple of those Eye-only Unown in return, then you took your swimsuit and you arrived safe and sound at the cemetery and you even saved Mew.
You would have been dead.
But at least you would have been died as a righteous person.
Option 2: You and your girlfriend fled from a land so horrible but before you burnt that tower with all the Rocket and that horrible Gymleader-woman inside.
You would have been killers.
But you would have made it for a good cause and also you would be alive and happy together.
Option 3: You would have chosed Ditto, did the normal path, killed some Unown in the Tower that wouldn't be burned, you would have arrived at the cemetery and you would have beat every pokemon using transformation because all them had a lethal move that kindly have not used.
When Satamon arrived you would have used Transform and sucked his soul, I would have made sure that Ditto would attack 2 times in a row, believe me, because Rocket was unfair to call a seventh Pokegod in his favor.
At that point you were fleeing from there and began a new life in the Orange Islands starting again from scratch and forgetting everything.
You would been unhappy for your girlfriend, but at least Ditto could have turned into her.
And then you would have been alive and well.
Rhen ... what I'm trying to tell you is that you had to find a way for your life, a sense that Oak has not found and in fact he's dead.
We are what we want to do even before what we have done, so, what would you do?
You'll be here all all alone in your prison in Mt.Silver until a Trainer arrives and kill you or you'll retry with one of the methods that I have described ?
And anyway, these were only 3 methods, there are many more, hundreds more, uh oh, I forgot, only 1 really brings to a good end...
and you know which one really brings to a sure end... So , what will you use? The knife, the shopping bag or the Steel cable?
That's the only sure way to Escape from the Game!
If you do not feel and you are not sure , try doing the other 500 finals and then tell me!
There will be many more!
You ... you really want to get away from the game, but the fact is that if you turn off the GameBoy you will never get the truth ... you can only play... or escape.
Get away for real!
Oh, on the other hand, here's a screen that comes from the Cemetery of Mount Silver, I hope you like it>>.
And with the look horrified, we watched a screen similar to the Diploma you get when you catch every pokemon.
Inside there was written:
<<Good Funeral, Rhen !>>
The Pokemon Tower music played reversed, and suddenly a black screen with a zombie who was eating alive Ash appeared.
Underneath there was written "GAME OVER" and a caption that said:<<created by ProGamer2001 , the creator of Pokemon Creepy Black, Pokemon Rose, Pokemon Lost Silver, Escape From Lavender Town, Pokemon Hypno Lullabye, Ben Drowned, Sonic.exe, the alleged Beta Green, Pokemon Red Error and many other hacks around the world waiting to be discovered !>>
And then a screen appeared:<<It is not as bad as you think. It will give you immediate relief from all your sins and sorrows, it will be quick... DO IT! Or PLAY, and discover what went wrong !>>

At that point we did not talk more throughout the day.

I was very upset, but talking about it with another friend of mine helped me a lot, he told me it was only a cruel bull????, it was just what the hacker wanted, he was a cunning manipulator and he said to don't listen to him.
I fact I straightened up and I recovered well.

But you can not say the same of my friend Rhen.
He called me 3 days after on the phone and said to me:
80... << I cannot do it. They are here. They picked me up. I have to go >>.
And then he used a different voice almost demonic and said:<< Nobody can escape , NOBODY ! I must flee from the game! No one can realize that what the game says it's true! They are here. They picked me up. I have to go. They are here. They picked me up. I have to go. >> And continued to repeat it endlessly and then I closed the phone and I went into the shower and leared my mind.

7 days after I watched a TG from a local TV station:
<<This morning at 08:00 AM the body of a thirteen years old boy was found in his house.
His mother entered in his room to wake him up when she found his son lying dead on the bed with a shopping bag around his head.
The authorities have confirmed that the coroner's report stated that it is a suicide which most likely cause would seem to be attributed to depression.
The death occurred at late night, for the boy there was nothing to be done, to no avail attempts of family members to revive him.
The boy suffered from hypertension and time of paranoia, and had fallen recently in a deep depression.
The corpse wasn't found with additional evidences apart from a cartridge of a video game and a game boy crushed at the foot of the bed.
The surveys were completed and the case was closed >>.

I haven't heard anything about that hacker from that day, apart from his other hacks that have made ​​headlines around the world.

And this is the end of my story.

I left this forum.


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