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Gen I / II Pokemon quizzes

These are some Gen I / II Pokemon quizzes I've done myself. I've showed there in other small Pokemon communites were I'm active, and, granted I'm perhaps not as active here, but people there found the quizzes fun, so I thought I might as well share them here too. Most of them are relatively old, but I still like them.

Obscure GSC mehcanics
The name says it all. I would suppose experienced Pokemon hackers would have a slight advantage in this one, but who knows!

MISSINGNO. in Red / Blue
Now indeed, this is a quiz that most of you would probably do well :) It's about MISSINGNO. trivia and mechanics in Red / Blue.

If These Are My Stats, Which Pokemon Am I? (G/S/C)
This is probably my favourite quiz. You are given the stats of the Pokemon and a hint, and you have to guess the Pokemon and its level from four options. I recommend you to play this one in either HTML or untimed format.

Gen I Pokemon: Weaknesses, resistances and immunities
This is the newest quiz of the four. You are given three or four weaknesses / resistances / immunities / neutralities to certain attacks, and knowing that, you have to pick the correct fully-evolved Gen I Pokemon. It sounds easy, but it's not!


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