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Activity.php is a page created originally by Acmlm (I'm assuming) for Acmlmboards that shows a user's post activity in a neat little chart. I later took the code and improved on it, and then again adapted it to work with this board's (FluxBB) structure. And since iimarckus left it in, I figured I should share it with everyone so they can see it themselves/post about it/link to it in their signature/whathaveyou.

Here's what it is for people who don't know:
Each pixel from left to right represents one day, either from the user's registration date, or from user #1's registration date.
Each pixel from top to bottom represents an amount of posts.
The yellow represents the amount of posts made that day.
The white pixels/line represents the average amount of posts per day on that day. By default (like the original activity.php), it only displays this on days where there are posts. You can change this to display every day (adding ?avg or &avg to the end of the url), or change it to never display the average (adding ?avg=0 or &avg=0 to the end of the url).
The vertical blue bars represent months. The light blue, one pixel vertical line represents January 1st of that year.
The horizontal blue lines represent how approximately how many posts you're looking at. The distance between each is 50. The darker ones represent 50's, the lighter onee 100's.

Example uses: (no user = full board) (mine)
What you can tell from this ^:
Image width is 992 pixels at the time of this post, meaning I've been registered here for 992 days.
Image height is 19 pixels meaning on the day I posted the most posts per day, I posted 19 times. For some reason, the image heights don't always work correctly. I don't have access or the time to debug it.
See the only point where the yellow line reaches the top of the image? Let's take a look at what that means.
Start with the lightest blue vertical line to the left of it. That represents January 1st (and of the current year of 2013 since it's the last one).
Counting the vertical boxes forwards through the months puts it in the middle of February 2013. If you count how many pixels inside that dark blue box it is, you get 12). It goes up exactly 19 pixels (the height of the image). So therefore, I made 19 posts on February 12th, 2013.

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Re: Activity.php

That's cool, and it must be a lot of work to let a website generating images from statistics. It's also very useful so I have the insight of my own activity, and maybe I can find a pattern in it or compare it to other users.

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